Places I’m Glad I Don’t Live – Big City Edition

So, like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, H and I were in the Windy City this weekend for one of his fraternity brothers’ weddings. I love visiting, don’t get me wrong. But, since I wasn’t feeling super inspired today (wedding aftermath and what not, you know), I thought I would make a short comment on why I’m glad I don’t live in a big city.

First, I like grass. And Ole likes grass. And Ole and I would definitely be lacking grass in a city like that.

Second, why the heck aren’t all the pharmacies and banks open on Saturdays?? This is a serious question. Why?

Third, we were required to have valet parking at the hotel, so we therefore had to wait for the valet to bring our car back to us. Let me tell you – waiting for your car after lugging your luggage down seventeen flights (although there was an elevator, lugging was still involved), the last thing I wanted to do was stand outside in the 90 degree humid heat and wait for someone to return my car to me. Not only that, but the (very nice and polite) valet switched the radio station to something very rappy that I did not want to listen to today, or ever. Bleh.

Despite those three things, it was a lovely weekend visiting the big city! And the wedding was wonderful – I had the best time, and the bride and groom were great and beautiful, and everything I want to be at my own wedding. I just wouldn’t want to live there. That’s all I’m saying. Personal taste.

On that note, it’s time for sleeping now.



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