Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 3

“I’ll run away with your footsteps. I’ll build a city that dreams for two. And if you lose yourself, I will find you.” —Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant, “Find You”

This week was a bit of a failure, in some regards. I rested A LOT. And while I was disappointed in myself initially, now I’m okay with it all. So. Here’s the quick recap.

Monday – rest.

I think I was supposed to do some strength training today. Well, all I did was eat pasta on K’s couch while we watched Bachelor in Paradise. Do I feel bad about it? Ehh. Not particularly.

Tuesday – 3.30 miles.

I decided to shake it up a little and run a different route, since I didn’t have Ole. I went across the river bridge and back, which was refreshing. And a little further than the three miles I intended. But I felt okay. My pace was pretty good – 9:34. Much faster than when I’m with Ole. He likes to run… but he also likes to stop and point at stuff.

Wednesday – rest.

I met with a florist today, rather than exercise. Which was also beneficial, just not for my training program.

Thursday – 2.36 miles.

H decided to get up and run with me this morning! So, we were a little on the slow end (I love him, but he’s not a runner, although his company was greatly appreciated.), which was fine. It was a nice and easy 12:25 pace.

Friday – rest.

We drove to the Windy City! And then walked around a lot, so I guess that could count as some cross training?

Saturday – rest.

I had every intention of getting up to do my long run this morning, but then… there was a bachelorette party in the room next door to us at the hotel, and H stayed out late with his college buddies. So I rested instead. The wedding was a blast, though!

Sunday – rest.

Well… H was having a rough morning, so I didn’t get my long run in this morning either. And then I drove home from the Windy City. It was a long (but very fun!) weekend.

I’m already doing better in week 4, if that helps the situation at all. Here’s to a new week!



3 thoughts on “Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 3

  1. I am also training for a half marathon (my first!) I am in week 9 now, and at week 6 I took a week off literally felt like i could not run anymore. But after that week off I cam back stronger and all the better for it! good luck with your training! X

    1. Thanks for this! It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who has a difficult week here or there! Good luck with your race!

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