15 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Okay, so I know it’s supposed to be TV/Movie/Book Wednesday.  But I haven’t read anything new in the past week, I’ve been watching reruns of Royal Pains on Netflix (not super exciting, but pleasant entertainment), and my recap of the #FatalFinale of Pretty Little Liars won’t be ready until tomorrow.  So!  I’m going to talk about flowers.  Because, why not?

A little background:  H and I have most of the big pieces already arranged for our wedding next summer.  But!  We still haven’t chosen a florist.  I didn’t think this was important to me until I started talking with actual florists.  That’s when I remembered how much I love flowers.  I just love them!  I’ve always been one to talk tons of pictures of flowers, so I’m not sure how this didn’t occur to me sooner.  In any case, we have visited with three florists now, and it’s about time to make a decision.  Which led me to this article on The Knot.

15 Wedding Flower Mistakes of Avoid

  1. Not seeing the big picture. This is why you hire a florist!    I love colors, and I know I don’t have the vision necessary to truly see and understand the end result.  All I can see sometimes are dollar signs.  It’s something I’m working on.
  2. Not trusting your florist. Again – why hire them if you’re not going to trust them?!  That’s what I’ve been relying a lot on, when visiting florists.  My gut.  I have to get along with them, and I have to know that my vision (as short-sighted as it may be) is in good hands.  I have a frontrunner, and I’m really hoping to be able to go with her.
  3. Not reusing ceremony arrangements. Not applicable to our situation. Our church is gorgeous by itself, so we are not using any flowers at the ceremony site (aside from our bouquets).
  4. Booking your florist last. We’re middle of the road with this one.  We’re not doing it last (and it’s certainly not last minute), but we did some other stuff first.
  5. Refusing to compromise. Since I know absolutely nothing about flowers other than they’re beautiful and colorful and I love them, I am totally willing to compromise, both with H and with the florist we end up choosing.  I know nothing, which is back to the trust thing.  So, if someone thinks that my vision isn’t going to work in some way, I certainly hope we can have a conversation about it!
  6. Ruling out pricey blooms. Ahh, yes.  That price tag.  I’m one that isn’t picky, so the first thing I said was that I don’t need calla lilies or succulents in my bouquet (although I wanted them in the beginning).  I was assured, though, that having them in my bouquet would make it stand out, make it last the night, and really pop.  So I agreed.  I can’t wait to see the end result here (I still have to wait almost a year!)
  7. Not communicating with your florist. I don’t think this is going to be an issue for us.  I always have so many questions!
  8. Using only one color. Again, not relevant to our situation.  If I could, I’d use all the colors.
  9. Choosing strongly scented flowers. I am sensitive to scents, so I get this.  It’s a question I will definitely ask the florist before things are completely finalized.
  10. Not taking care of your blooms.  I really hope that I get some guidance here! I want to make sure they last through the night, and I may want to dry them out and keep them.  We will see!  Has anyone else done that?
  11. Forgetting to budget for flowers. While we did have them in our budget, I still had a little bit of sticker shock.  Flowers are incredibly expensive!  But worth it in the long run, I think.  They’re so beautiful.
  12. Taking on too much DIY. Ding ding ding!  You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one!  H has this vision of using succulents as centerpieces – but they’re pretty expensive to buy from a florist.  So we might try to grow them ourselves.  Fun, right?  Could something go wrong?    But if we already have a florist picked out, all mistakes can be fixed… with enough money.  Oy.
  13. Ordering your flowers too late.  Again, not an issue, as I trust the florist won’t let this happen.
  14. Choosing an oversized bouquet.  Again, I have trust.
  15. Overlooking the reception table linens. I didn’t even think of this!  Which means I will have to eventually talk to the reception venue again about linens.  Oy!  There are so many things to consider!

There is so much going on, and I’m so glad that H actually has some opinions.  It’s so helpful!  These are just some things to keep in mind, anyway – I know we’re not necessarily exempt from still making one of these mistakes, even though I’ve read this article.  You never know what’s going to happen!

Does anyone know anything about flowers?  Is there anything I’m forgetting to consider?



2 thoughts on “15 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

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