Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 4 (Women Rock 10K Recap)

“I’ll run away if you call my name.  Yeah, I’ll keep coming if you come my way.”  —Haim, “Running If You Call My Name”

Another week has passed where I was not as vigilant with my training as I should have been.  But it all went all right.

Monday – rest

After the hectic weekend in the Windy City, I took a rest day.  My strength training needs some improvement, obviously.  But I needed this.

Tuesday – 4.02 miles

I went out quick this morning, which felt pretty awesome, actually.  Since I missed my long run (because of said Windy City adventure), I thought I should run a little harder today.  I was tired, but it was really good.

Wednesday – 30 minutes of yoga

Best.  Stretching.  Of.  My.  Life.  Okay, maybe not my entire life, but it felt pretty amazing.  I did my own little sequence, and I’m hoping that if I stick with it on my non-running days, I can gain some of my upper body and core strength back.  Hopefully.

Thursday – rest

I woke up in the morning feeling pretty terrible – sinus headache and trouble breathing, to name a couple of the symptoms.  So I decided against running before work.  And after work.  Basically, I was just exhausted.

Friday – rest

Another day of not feeling great.  H thinks that I’m fighting some sort of infection or something.  I left work early and spent the day watching Royal Pains on the couch.  Then my mom and I went to the expo for the Women Rock race.

Saturday – Women Rock 10K race

The day dawned pretty humid, but the actual temperature itself wasn’t too warm.  My mom and I arrived at the race starting area at around 6:50 am.  We wandered around a bit, then joined the line in the start chute.  I’ll admit that we went out a little fast (once we crossed the start line), but our splits weren’t too bad:  10:07, 9:22, 9:17, 9:05, 9:54, and 9:33, and our total time was 59:07.  I thought that was pretty great, considering I haven’t run more than five consecutive miles in… what?  Six months?  So!  I was a minute slower than last year, but I felt good.

I will admit that my knee hurt during the last mile.  Hurt, like my IT band was swollen or something.  Not pleasant, but not terrible.  I got through.

Sunday – rest

After the wonderful engagement party on Saturday afternoon, the rest day was appreciated.  And I didn’t rest, per se.  I was baking up a storm at the cabin, which is exactly where I would choose to be.

Well, until next week… Hopefully, I will be able to get completely back on track!



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