A Wedding Planning Update

So, I get these questions a lot – how is the planning coming?  Have you set a date yet?  Have you picked your dress?  Who are your attendants going to be?  What are your colors?  Have you taken engagement pictures?  Etc.  I realize that most of the people asking these questions probably don’t read this blog, but I thought it might be nice to answer them all in one place.  Without details, naturally.  I wouldn’t want a large amount of party crashers who saw this on the internet.  Heh.

Question 1:  How is the planning coming?

It’s coming along very well, actually!  My brain was built for planning things like weddings.  Aside from the interactions with people.  I’m not so great at those.  But it’s been fun to observe H and other humans in their natural habitats.

I’m mostly kidding about that last bit.  Humor.  It helps.

Question 2:  Have you set a date yet?

Why yes, we have!  It’s next August – after I’ve received my Master’s degree and before H begins whatever program he decides on.

Question 3:  Have you picked your dress?

Again, yes, I have!  It’s white-ish.  And pretty.

Question 4:  Who are your attendants going to be?

Now, see here, strangers.  Just kidding.  I haven’t officially picked anyone yet (because it’s still almost a year away!), but I have a list in my head, and I think most of my people are expecting to be asked.  I’ve been hinting and stuff.  We are going to have either 5 or 6 on a side.  That depends on how many H decides to have.  He doesn’t like that I’m waiting for him to decide, but that’s the way it is!  I have a lot of friends and could accommodate just about any number.

Question 5:  What are your colors?

Well, green.  Obviously.  Even my ring is green.  And I think we’re going to pair purples and blues with it, so there’s plenty of color and variety.  I’m still on the hunt for a good green color for bridesmaid dresses, though.  I haven’t found a for-sure winner yet (although there is a contender).

Question 6:  Have you taken engagement pictures?

No, we have not.  But they’re on the calendar!

Can you think of any other questions?  I’m up for answering whatever!



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