Movie Review: Warm Bodies

It’s been a while since I wrote a movie review – H and I don’t get the chance to watch a whole lot of movies, mostly because we have a very active dog who gets bored during the time it takes to watch an entire movie. But, the other weekend, we rented a couple of movies, which was relaxing and a fun change from what we normally do on the weekend.

So. Warm Bodies. Here’s a basic premise.warmbodies1

These are so clever.
These are so clever.

A disease similar to that portrayed in I Am Legend wiped out much of the human population of a city. However, a group of humans survived. Of those that did not survive, there are zombies, and there are skeletons. Skeletons are zombies that basically have given up. This group of twenty-somethings ventures out into zombie territory to look for medicine, and zombies attack. Also of note – zombies enjoy eating brains, because they’re tasty, or something. But, when they eat the brains, they are then absorbing the human’s memories. Gruesome? Fairly. So, anyway, the zombies attack, except our zombie protagonist (played by Nicholas Hoult) saved a human girl, because he ate her boyfriend’s brain and feels like he knows her. As he hangs out with her, he starts to be able to talk better. Then his heart starts bleeding. Then he realizes that he and other zombies are changing. Interesting concept, right?

I won’t give the ending away, but this is what I thought:

I actually really liked the movie. It was funny at times and sweet at times, and it was a zombie movie, so H stayed interested. I enjoyed it a lot.

Initially, I wanted to see the movie because Nicholas Hoult was dating Jennifer Lawrence. (They’ve since broken up, and she is supposedly now dating Chris Martin from Coldplay… you don’t have to tell me how weird that is.) But I actually rented it simply because I thought both H and I would like it, and I was right on that. I recommend it to anyone who likes unconventional love stories. And zombie movies. And zombie humor. And Nicholas Hoult.

Has anyone else seen this movie? What did you think?



2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Warm Bodies

  1. Probably one of the best romcoms from the last few years. Thought the movie was really smart, funny and avoided the usual boring stereotypes that come with zombie flicks

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