Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 7

“Ready, ready, ready, ready, ready to run. All I’m ready to do is have some fun. What’s all this talk about love?” —Dixie Chicks, “Ready to Run”

It was a long and semi-stressful week. One of my coworkers got a new job, so I’ll be working overtime for much of the fall, and probably into the winter. I’m completely okay with it, but my running has suffered. I guess you win some, you lose some.

Monday – 2 mile walk with K.

It had been a while since we hung out without something (such as the Bachelor) going on! I went over and made dinner for K and her husband, and then we went for a sunset walk on a really nice path near their house. It felt pretty great!

Tuesday – 2.29 mile run with Ole.

This run did not feel so great. I was tired. Very tired. My legs felt like lead. I think the long run over the weekend with little to no rest following it caught up with me.

Wednesday – rest.

With class in the evening and a shifted work schedule, I didn’t get my cross-training in. One of these weeks, I’ll figure it out!

Thursday – rest.

I opted to rest another day, rather than burn myself out again. I know that the long run is more important, so I wanted to make sure I had enough in me to finish the long run strong.

Friday – rest.

H took the GRE in preparation for applying to graduate schools, so we decided to go out to dinner and have a relaxing evening.

Saturday – 8.51 mile run with Ole.

I got up bright and early for this – I think I was out the door at 7:45 am or so. I had a busy day ahead of me! Ole and I improved our pace since the last time we did this run – we averaged 9:30 per mile! My knee was pretty sore after, but nothing I couldn’t run through. I’m hoping it stays that way for the rest of my training and through the race! Also, I went through two corn mazes and walked around an apple orchard. Cool down? Cross-training? It’s got to be something.

Sunday – lots and lots of standing and walking at a Bridal Show!

My mom, H’s mom, and K joined me at this huge bridal show! We got all kinds of deals and goodies, and we got to try cakes! I loved that part. I was very glad that we have most of the big parts already planned, though, because it was really overwhelming. There was so much going on. It was just bonkers. But, we were on our feet for a good three hours, so I think that counts as cross-training. Right?

Another week down! Yikes! Only five to go until the race!



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