Enjoying the Wedding Planning Process

In the week and a half or so since Lauren Conrad got married, she has shared some killer tips on her website about wedding planning. I’m thoroughly enjoying them, and they keep hitting super close to home (such as her post on choosing her wedding party, which I talked about last week). But this particular post, which went up on the site on Monday, is exactly what I needed after the crazy-fun-ness of the Bridal Show last weekend.

How to enjoy the wedding planning process!

Before I go into LC’s tips, I should say this – planning my wedding to H hasn’t been stressful or anything (aside from the anxiety of disappointing people, that is). I love organizing, I love planning anything and everything, and I have a knack for getting things together and making decisions. But reading this put some things into perspective for me. You’ll understand in a minute.

  1. Designate time for wedding talk. H and I still have almost a year (although that time will pass quickly!), so it’s easy to go in wedding planning spurts. Right after we got engaged, I did a whole bunch of things, tore out inspiration from magazines, tried on dresses, booked the venues and vendors – the works. Since then, though, I’ve slowed down. We do things every once and a while. We’re taking our engagement pictures this weekend. But I don’t feel the need to discuss and obsess every minute of the day. Why? Because we have time, and I’m not feeling stressed. And really, the most important thing is marrying H, right? So, even if things aren’t perfect in the end, I’ll still get to spend my life with him. Which makes it perfect.
  2. Keep up with your favorite activities. This is a MUST. I’m still training for my race. I’m still taking classes (which aren’t my favorite activities, but they’re necessary). I’m still reading and writing hanging out with my friends. Because what has actually changed, aside from the gorgeous piece of jewelry I now get to wear? Exactly. So why change who I am?
  3. Delegate.  When I first saw this, I almost cringed. Everyone is telling me that I can’t do it all myself! But I think I can, and I want to! But then I actually read what she had to say, and I realized that I’m already unknowingly delegating. I’m putting my faith in a florist, in a baker, in a DJ, in a seamstress, in the day-of coordinators at the reception venue and the church. I may be planning it all myself, but I’m not doing it alone. See, look at that! Delegating!

I got some texts and talked to some people after last week’s post, and I wanted to just clarify that I don’t spend my days freaking out about wedding stuff. I mostly am living the exact same life I was living before we got engaged. There are new things I worry about (I had my first wedding nightmare the other night), but I’ve got most of it under control. Really, I do.

Part of me wants to do this for a living – plan weddings, I mean. But I’m not sure I’d have it in me to do this for other people. Maybe sometime in the future, once H is done with school and all that. We’ll see where I am then.

Happy Wednesday! (Did you wear pink today?)


P.S.  Sorry that I didn’t review a TV episode, movie, or book today.  Scandal starts tomorrow, and I wanted to mentally prepare myself to have to watch week-to-week.  Next week, though.  Promise.


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