The Evolution of Nick and Jess on New Girl

Have you ever loved the dynamic of a show so much that you didn’t want your beloved ship to become canon?  (Quick sidebar – a “ship” is a couple that you want to get together, and when a relationship becomes “canon,” it means that the creators and writers on the show agree with you and make it happen.)

I have.

That would be my story on Nick Miller and Jessica Day on New Girl.

I was behind a season, but season 3 was released on Netflix a week or two ago.  Of course, the first thing I did was binge watch, because I wanted to be able to watch this season live.  (I’m all caught up now, hooray!)  Now, I LOVED the first two seasons of New Girl.  Like, I’d disrupt people because I was laughing aloud to myself, loved it.  I couldn’t wait for season 3, I thought, because I wanted Nick and Jess to get together.  The love was palpable.  They wanted each other, and I wanted them to be together, and it was seemingly perfect. new girl nick and jess 1

But the reality of it wasn’t perfect.  It was boring and difficult to watch at times.

I love being happily with H.  But I am the first to admit that a show about our life would be incredibly boring, because we’re happily just together 95% of the time.  We wouldn’t make good television.  And that’s how I felt about Nick and Jess, too.  They were so wrong for each other on so many levels, and I got to the point where I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch anymore.  I’m glad I pushed through, though, because…

The writers redeemed themselves.  Nick and Jess, now broken up and dating again in season 4, have brought the show full-circle.  new girl nick and jess 2 new girl nick and jess 3The first two episodes had me laughing aloud again, which gives me hope for the rest of the season.  I’m glad they’re still roommates, because the dynamic of 4D is just perfect.  But I’m glad they broke up.  They weren’t right, and they were boring.  I like seeing Nick struggle to get dates.  He’s so weird and funny, and I love that about him.  And I love Jess trying to attract… well, anyone, because she, too, is super weird in a loveable sort of way.

I’m really hoping that we’ve returned to the start.  I want to love New Girl again.  Because the actors are top-notch.  The next stop?  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BRING BACK THE DOUCHEBAG JAR!  It’s the best part of Schmidt!  And, while I want Schmidt and Cece to get back together, I also don’t, for the same reason I don’t want Nick and Jess to get back together.  The show is better when they’re all girl 1

Anyone else watch New Girl?  Thoughts?



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