How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 1

AKA thoughts while watching Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

Let’s face it – I knew I would get hooked on How to Get Away with Murder, although I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.  I only lasted one episode, but trust me, it was a good one.

So, instead of doing the in-depth Pretty Little Liars-esque recaps, I’m going to start something new.  Which I’m going to call “Thoughts While Watching Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.”

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Scandal – “Red, Randy, Superfreak and Julia”Scandal-Season-4-promo-cast

  • Why is there no serial comma in the episode title? Does that mean something?
  • Oh, pretty water.   Jealous.
  • I love Olivia’s hair when it’s running wild. It’s gorgeous.
  • Oh… Jake is still there. He looks grayer now.
  • Oh, wow, he’s like… doing stuff to her right out of our frame.
  • Of course she’s more worried about the wine than anything else. At least she didn’t change too much.
  • You’ve got mail! Wonder who it’s from.
  • Now we know where they are and who she’s pretending to be. That must mean it’s not going to stay that way…
  • Oh… I knew that Harrison was dead, but still. Watching Olivia find out isn’t fun.
  • AND SHE’S BACK! As is her sleek hair.
  • Oh… there’s no one at Olivia Pope and Associates. I guess that’s what happens with Olivia Pope disappears.  That makes me sad.  Oh, but look.  Someone’s been tracking her.
  • It’s Quinn! She reveals that Olivia’s tell is red wine.  That’s fantastic.
  • Oh, Harrison was found with Adnan. That means that no one knows Olivia’s dad killed him…
  • And Huck is Randy now. He doesn’t want anything to do with Olivia until she’s back for good.
  • And Abby… is the White House spokesperson?   She’s on the inside now.  Interesting…
  • Fitz has gone off the deep end, apparently, and Mellie isn’t getting dressed. And Fitz is trying to pass an equal pay bill.  Very interesting.  I like it.  It’s very relevant.  Also, Cyrus has new hair, Mellie just wants to drink, and no one knows Abby’s name.  I don’t know what’s happening, but I like it.
  • Why doesn’t Word recognize the name “Mellie?”
  • IT’S PORTIA DE ROSSI. I REPEAT.  THERE HAS BEEN A PORTIA DE ROSSI SIGHTING ON SCANDAL.  Oh, and she’s apparently a Republican big wig.  Ha!  I like this a lot.
  • Oh, Cyrus just made a joke. I like that.    That’s nice.
  • Abby meets with Quinn on the bench where Cyrus used to meet Olivia. Except that Abby calls Quinn “Superfreak”?    That must have to do with Quinn and Huck becoming lovers in the nighttime during the daytime at the end of last season.  I wonder if they’ve stopped doing that…
  • Abby is pissed with Olivia. Olivia just wants Abby’s help to plan Harrison’s funeral.    Abby blames Olivia for Harrison’s death.  Oh.  That makes our knowledge of who killed him feel worse.  Their fights are fantastic.  They should fight more often.
  • Ha! Jake scared the crap out of David Rosen.  Oh, Jake is upset that David hasn’t done anything with the secret files yet.  At least David had a system:  “orange for scary, red for very scary, and black for crap your pants and wait for someone to kill you scary.”    This show.  But, apparently, all Jake wants is some action on David’s part.
  • Olivia… meets her dad for dinner? He’s mad that she came back to DC.  She tells him about Harrison, and his face shows nothing.  But he seems to know that she suspects him, and he denies, denies, denies.  I hope to God that the truth comes out.  I want her to hate him so badly.  He does, however, admit to having her mother killed, and reveals his second lie – that Olivia’s mother killed Fitz’s son.  There is so much blood on his hands, it’s insane.
  • Why is Olivia okay with all of this? What is her world coming to for that to be a thing?
  • All of a sudden… Eli reveals that he knew Harrison? And Olivia doesn’t bat an eye… Huh.
  • Abby is confronted by Cyrus about Olivia being back. He’s having her followed.  And he’s only worried about Fitz.
  • Now, Cyrus confronts Fitz with the news of Olivia. Fitz has to lean on something.  You can tell that he was shaken by her disappearance, and now reappearance.  I suspect there’s more to the story.  He only wants to know when she’s going to leave again.
  • Olivia watches a recap of Fitz since his son’s death. She’s dying on the inside, I can tell.  She’s also trying to plan Harrison’s funeral, and she can’t choose because she’s grieving.  Jake tries to talk some sense into her, and then her phone rings?
  • Who is calling? Someone’s at the door.  Who’s there?  An assistant to a senator?
  • Yes! A murder or something!  And we’re back!
  • David is looking through his files again. And then the White House calls him.  He’s in a precarious situation.
  • Cyrus meets with David and asks him to be the ATTORNEY GENERAL?!
  • Oh… said senator was about to be raped and pushed another senator over his stair railing. Ouch…
  • Apparently this guy was also the guy behind the equal pay bill.
  • Olivia recruits a defense lawyer for the lady senator. Have we met him before?
  • Olivia goes back to see Huck. He tries to get rid of her, but she’s prepared.  She wants to tell him about Harrison’s funeral.  But she also wants to know about Huck.  He doesn’t say anything other than that Olivia changed him.  He wants to hope that she’s back, but he won’t let himself.  That’s so sad.
  • Fitz takes the Ugg-boots version of Mellie to visit their son in the cemetery. She lays down on top of where he’s buried.  It’s so heartbreaking.
  • Oh, Jake is trying to have sex with Olivia again. He says that she can’t talk during his turn.  But she wants a turn.  That’s what I like about her and dislike about him.    She asks for her turn now, and he lets her have it.  And then, even though she says she’s done, he just sits there… and then she keeps going.  Hahaha.  Love her.  ❤  SHE’S BACK!
  • Oh… Jake goes there, huh?   I just… I don’t like him.
  • Quinn and Olivia take on the senator case on their own.
  • Fitz and Cyrus discuss whether Olivia is staying. Cyrus makes it pretty clear that everyone knows that he’ll go back to her.  And Fitz looks fairly hurt by that.
  • The lawyer man that Olivia found for the senator is grilling said senator about the events before the other senator got pushed over the edge of a railing… and she’s getting them wrong? That’s not right.  You remember everything that happens when something like that happens, because you’ll wish you could forget.
  • Olivia tells her exactly that.  Huh.  She calls Quinn… who notices that all of his employees look alike.  Olivia connects the dots… it was the assistant.  OH.
  • David discusses his new job offer with Abby. Abby gets irritated that he doesn’t just take it as a compliment.  She mentions his super secret files.  He mentions that Abby works for the Death Star.  It’s a fantastic bit of script writing, really.
  • I can’t decide how I feel about them being broken up, though.
  • The senator sent her assistant to visit that other senator.   This is terrible.
  • Harrison’s funeral isn’t very populated. That makes me incredibly sad, since Harrison was my favorite.  At least the rest of OPA shows up.  There’s that.
  • BRB crying. #RIPHarrison
  • I can’t even with this scene.
  • Stop crying, Olivia, you’re killing me.
  • Mellie, meanwhile, is still hanging out in her Uggs.   Apparently, Fitz attempted suicide?  I want to hear more about that!!
  • He finally tells Mellie that Olivia is back. They have a heated discussion about whether or not Fitz will go back to Olivia, and Mellie tells him that she’s not going to wax anymore and that she doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore.  What a wonderful conversation.  The script.  It’s just the best.
  • Olivia decides to stay in DC. Jake is displeased.
  • “Are we gladiators, or are we bitches?” –Harrison #RIP
  • David Rosen accepts the nomination of Attorney General.
  • Portia de Rossi is still around and still sassy.
  • Olivia is back and representing the senator’s assistant.
  • Huck gives Olivia a phone. He’s back, too!  And Olivia just won the equal pay bill.
  • I can’t look at that one secret service guy who killed Fitz’s son.
  • Olivia and Fitz walk right past each other and they ignore each other. I have faith that it won’t stay that way.  There’s no way.
  • END OF EPISODE! How?  Why?  What?


  • A night of wild partying? Huh?  I was promised Viola Davis.
  • Whoaaaa, that’s a giant bonfire.
  • Four students in the woods… oh? A statue that is a murder weapon?  Body?!  What body??
  • So, okay. These students murdered someone.  And they’re trying to figure out how to cover it up.
  • Then the cute young black guy decides that they’re going to flip a coin to decide whether to go back for the body or not. What is that kid in?  Hold on, I have to pause…
  • OH MY GOD HE’S DEAN THOMAS. FROM HARRY POTTER!!!  Welp, that settles it… now I know he’s magic, so what good is it to watch?
  • Oh, now he’s riding a bike. There’s a killer song playing.  I’m going to have to look that up, too.  And it’s three months earlier.  Oh, I like this already.  I guess I’ll forgive that Dean Thomas is a muggle again and going to law school.
  • There’s a missing girl – Lila Stangard.
  • Everyone is discussing their professor… interesting.
  • Dean seems all around confused. Why doesn’t he know what he’s getting into?  He’s worse than Elle Woods.
  • Oh, there’s Viola Davis. She’s such a force.  Love her.
  • She’s quizzing students about a case. The students are on top of their game, that’s for sure.  It’s fun to learn about the case.
  • She’s called on Dean, and he has no idea what’s going on.  And then he gets reprimanded in front of the whole class.  She walks up the row to confront him… but he’s so innocent.
  • Oh, Dean was waitlisted. Poor innocent muggle.
  • Someone saves him, but Annalise (Viola) is pissed. Because she stole a learning opportunity from Dean.
  • Turns out this is a recent case, and the whole class listens to the defendant’s side of the story.
  • The students have to figure out a defense for her to see if it’s better than the one Annalise already has planned.
  • And there we see our murder weapon from the beginning. It’s a lady justice statue.
  • Dean is talking to himself in his tiny apartment, unable to come up with an argument. His neighbor is playing loud and obnoxious music.  Dean (whose name is actually Wes, by the way), finds some fingernail scratches on the wall above his bed.
  • And now we’re back to the present, where the four students are wrapping the body in a giant rug. One of them (Laurel) washed the statue and then rinsed the sink with bleach.  Hasn’t she ever seen CSI?  Blood never goes away!
  • The two guys and Laurel can’t lift the body, so the black girl (who is gorgeous, by the way – Michaela), has to help. They’re partway out the door with the body when a COP WALKS UP.  Oh my GOD.
  • UGH AdBlock doesn’t work with Hulu. This is crap.
  • We’re back! The cop wants them to move their car.  Michaela stalls, the cop realizes there are other issues and lets them carry on.
  • Then we flash forward to Michaela’s proposed defense. She wants to place the place the blame on his wife rather than his mistress.
  • The other students are trying, and Dean-Wes realizes that he’s running out of options for his argument. He’s last.
  • Oh, but his argument is crazy and barely makes sense. He wants the defense to be self-defense, and blames Stockholm Syndrome.  He doesn’t beat Annalise’s approach, but he moves to the next round.
  • The next day, the trial begins. The first assistant is on the stand, and she’s distraught.  Michaela comes rushing in, and Annalise listens to her.  It seems like she’s changing her approach.
  • Aha! The lady is colorblind.  The aspirin thing can’t be proven now, because the pills were different colors.  Discredit the witness, for the win.
  • Dean-Wes’s neighbor is watching the news about the missing girl. Dean-Wes, however, is trying to figure something out.
  • He goes to Annalise’s house to talk to her… and there’s a man between her legs! Whoa… And we have our first set of lovers in the nighttime.
  • Dean-Wes wants a directed verdict, which isn’t the answer.
  • More commercials. Might as well take a nap.  Stupid AdBlock.
  • White boy (Connor) is singing Jingle Bells. He’s losing it.  And the body is just chilling between the seats.
  • Flashback – Connor is gay! And he’s hitting on a guy at the bar.  This particular guy, it turns out, worked in the same building as the guy that got poisoned.  And then Connor extracts information from this poor IT guy because he was shy and wanted the D.    Whoa!  Gay sex on prime time!  Two very risqué things this episode already!
  • Annalise finds a way to get the email (that was obtained illegally) to count in court.
  • Laurel is in the restroom, as is the defendant and the victim’s… wife. Laurel watches their interaction.  Victim’s wife puts her hand on defendant’s shoulder.  THEY’RE IN IT TOGETHER!!
  • Dean-Wes is carrying his bike up the stairs when he sees a violent outburst in his neighbor’s apartment. She yells at him when he tries to help.
  • Now Dean-Wes is at a party. There’s a guy talking to the students… turns out that he’s a psychology professor.  Also turns out… that it’s Annalise’s husband.  But… it was a black guy between her legs… and her husband is white…
  • She and Dean-Wes share a significant look… and then there’s another commercial. God damn it.
  • In the present, the four are carrying the body when they come across a couple getting busy in the woods. Then Laurel’s phone rings, and it’s Frank… who is one of Annalise’s partners… and he’s naked on her phone.  Well, shit.
  • Flashback… he hits on her right off the bat. He tells her that there’s nothing they can do with the information she saw in the bathroom.
  • Apparently, Frank makes a habit of “screwing the students.”
  • Annalise corners Dean-Wes in the bathroom, and then she cries when she tells him that she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for a lot time.   She admits to cheating, pretty much, because there’s too much pressure in their marriage.  Then she caresses Dean-Wes’s shoulders and pecs, and Dean-Wes runs away.
  • On the news is the missing girl’s boyfriend… oh, wait. Wasn’t he the guy fighting with Dean-Wes’s neighbor the other night?  Then Annalise’s husband shows up, and it displeases Amanda Tanner.    I bet they’re both having affairs.
  • Dean-Wes then notices a bite mark on the headboard, and then finds some liquor on his doorstep. From the neighbor.  He invites the neighbor to join him, but he ends up drinking alone.
  • Back in the courtroom, a detective plays convenience store footage that shows the defendant buying aspirin. Which is what almost killed the victim.
  • Annalise is pissed. She’s yelling at the defendant.  Her two partners tell her that she’s being unreasonable, and she says that she’ll fix it on her own.
  • Oh… Annalise calls her booty call to the stand. This will be interesting.  Dean-Wes obviously recognizes the guy.
  • She gets him to lie on the stand. Chain of custody issues.  He admits that evidence has been tampered with in the department before!  So they can’t prove that the tape wasn’t altered in the LONG time before anyone saw the tape.
  • Annalise gets the defendant acquitted. Of course.
  • Connor gets the lady justice statue.
  • Then five, rather than four, students get hired by Annalise – it’s Connor, Laurel, Michaela, and some obnoxious guy named Asher.   Is Asher the body?  IS ASHER THE BODY???
  • Turns out they also found a body, presumably of the missing girl from the beginning of the episode. She was in Annalise’s husband’s class.  Annalise says right off the bat that she thinks the boyfriend did it.
  • In the present, the students are burning a body. The dead body.  And then we see the face… it’s Annalise’s husband!!  Whaaaaaaaaat???

Until next week!



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