Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 8

So, I’ve been super distracted today.  Why, you ask?  BECAUSE OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES HAVE BEEN EMAILED TO ME AND I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT THEM.  I’m planning an update on wedding planning for tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait until then to see them (unless you’re my Facebook friend).  But!  Gosh.  Focus, A.  Okay, here’s my recap of last week’s training.  But first, I have a little bit of a new take on training for this half marathon.

My knee hasn’t been awesome, but it’s better than when I was trying to train for the marathon last spring.  So, instead of forcing anything, I’m listening to my body.  And, because of changes in my work schedule, that’s been working out pretty well.  I barely have time to run anymore anyway!  So I’m easing off a bit.  Let’s call it tapering.  I’m doing some early tapering.

Here’s last week in running:

Monday – rest.

I was still pretty sore from my long run last weekend, so I rested.

Tuesday – rest.

My muscles were still pretty tight.  I did my hip exercises and rested.  This was supposed to be the day we took our engagement pictures, so it turned out to be a blessing that we moved them to the weekend.  I was pooped on Tuesday.

Wednesday – 1.73 slow miles with Ole.

We got up early, chose a new route, and slogged through a rough almost-two miles.  That seems like nothing, but a lot of it was uphill.  Even Ole wasn’t having it, though.  He couldn’t find a speed he liked.  I guess I was making him trot too slowly.

Thursday – rest.

My hips were the sorest they’ve ever been on Thursday morning.  I was blaming the uphill, but I highly doubt that’s what it was.  I did my hip exercises, took it pretty easy, and worked for 13 hours.  No biggie.

Friday – rest.

After work, I prepared for our engagement pictures by getting a manicure and a pedicure, while H did all of the work.  Sorry, H!  Ole needed a bath, too, because he had been at the dog park earlier in the week.  Muddy, muddy puppy.

Saturday – rest… if you can call it that!

H and I got up bright and early and drove an hour north for our engagement pictures.  Nothing went according to plan – I forgot my extra shoes, and Ole didn’t want to stop hunting long enough to look at the camera – but it all worked out.  Then, H and I hopped back in the car and trucked to my hometown, because my dad was inducted into the amateur baseball hall of fame!  So… he did a lot of exercise when he was playing baseball… does that count as cross training?  Maybe?  H and I both fell asleep on the couch while watching Forensic Files at around 9:30, if that’s any indication of how the day went for us, haha.

Sunday – 9.70 miles with Dad.

These were some of the longest miles I’ve ever run, but I was very happy to be slowing my dad down – he’s fun to run with.  I rolled my ankle on a gravel road in mile two, and my knee started hurting not long after, so it was rough.  But if my dad hadn’t been with me, I would have quit.  But I didn’t. 2014-10-02 15.02.04 2014-10-02 15.02.09

Does this route look like a state?
Does this route look like a state?

Just so you know, though, Dad, you’re more than welcome to leave me in the dust during the race.  I’m not as healthy as you right now, so I’ll be okay with it.  I just want to finish.

Well.  Another week in the books.  Four weeks until race day.  (At the end of the week I just talked about, that is.)




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