Weekend Plans #40

We have reached the fortieth weekend of the year, can you believe that?  This year has just flown by.  In any case, here’s what H and I are up to this weekend.

Friday:  Well, after attending the first part of a board meeting as part of my Graduate Assistant position, I then went to my full-time job, and then went home to quick change and pack and get ready to go to H’s parents’ house for the weekend.  We arrived fairly late (because of work schedules), and the drive was super windy, but it wasn’t bad.

Saturday:  H’s younger brother is performing in a marching band competition all day today!  Hooray for being outside when it’s very very cold!  But he does such a good job.  We also got to catch up with my cousin a little bit.  He’s going to college less than an hour away from where H’s parents live, which is nice.  I also have to get a long run in.  Hmm.

Sunday:  It’s H’s mom’s birthday!  So the day will definitely involve a brunch and church, but as far as I know, anything else could happen.  Should be fun!  We’ll probably get some wedding talk in, too, as H’s sister is getting married in a little over two months!  Wow!

Like I said, time is just flying.

Here’s to another busy weekend!



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