Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 9

This is going to be very short and relatively boring, since I rested most of the week.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – rest.

After the painful run with my dad during the previous week, I decided that my IT band needed a little break.  So I rested.  And rested.  I stretched and did my physical therapy exercises throughout the week, and did my normal amount of walking.  But mostly, I used the week to try to catch up on homework, my new job, and sleep.  And I did a little bit of wedding planning.

Sunday – 8.7 miles with H’s mom.

It was a slow run – our average pace was 10:52, and we did a fair amount of walking.  But I count it as a success because I didn’t have that bone-weary exhausted feeling that plagued me after my long run last weekend.  I was able to continue on with my day without biting anyone’s head off – an accomplishment!  Ha.2014-10-07 15.48.59 2014-10-07 15.49.09 2014-10-07 15.49.13

So, like I said, it was a pretty boring week in terms of running.  But I’m really trying to make sure I’m ready and healthy enough to finish strong with my dad in EIGHTEEN DAYS.  Wow!  That snuck up on me!

Here’s to another week!



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