How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 2

Another week of exciting TV shows!  I don’t want to dilly dally when there’s so much going on, so let’s jump right in!

Scandal, “The State of the Union”

  • Yay! Olivia runs!scandal state of the union 3
  • Also, she doesn’t do booty calls. I’ve always liked Olivia.  Political booty calls are different, Jake.
  • Ha, Cyrus can’t eat meat anymore.
  • Olivia: They care about you, they want you to live.  Cyrus:  Sons of bitches.
  • Oh my! Cyrus is blackmailing Olivia with money!  Someone is in New Mexico!
  • Oh, a guy who is against guns, but he’s also a war hero. And everyone loves them.
  • Marital problems.  That’s what’s going on here.  Olivia is in the middle of a marital dispute.  This is amazing.  She went to New Mexico.  Wow.
  • Portia de Rossi doesn’t like Fitz’s State of the Union address. So there was some arguing about that.
  • Meanwhile, Fitz is sitting in a limo in Arlington waiting for Mellie to finish eating chips while sitting in front of her son’s grave. Oh no!  Tabloids!
  • Jake is looking into Harrison and Adnan’s deaths… oh boy. This is going to cause a rift somewhere, that’s for sure.  And he’s using the future Attorney General to get his information.  Welp!
  • Huck and Quinn are interacting and wearing matching shirts and I have no idea what happened between them and I want to know!
  • Now Abby and Olivia are fighting (ugh, old news), and Abby breaks the news that Huck and Quinn used to be lovers in the nighttime, and Olivia didn’t know!  Whoa!  I didn’t realize she didn’t know.
  • Now Mellie is eating fried chicken.   I think I like her better now.
  • Cyrus makes funny faces. I like that, too.scandal state of the union 1
  • Mellie is just cracking up about how Fitz wants her to care again. So he walks out, and Mellie and Cyrus bond over chicken that Cy isn’t supposed to be eating.  Cyrus actually makes some sense when he talks about James’ death.  He doesn’t think it’s fair that Mellie considers her loss greater than his.  I agree with him, I think.  But I don’t have a child, I guess.
  • David Rosen meets with Abby to practice answering questions for his hearing thingy to become Attorney General.
  • He answers the questions very well, actually.  I’ve always liked David Rosen.
  • Huck is babysitting the male half of the anti-gun couple. And Quinn is babysitting the female half.  They’re both reminiscing and Quinn and Huck feel awkward.
  • Fitz is distraught, watching Olivia on TV. And Olivia is just chilling there, with her wine and her popcorn.  Does she ever eat real food?
  • Jake and Olivia are discussing booty calls.
  • Jake is also looking into Harrison and Adnan. Oh boy.  He’s definitely on to something.
  • Portia de Rossi is digging up the abuse crap in David Rosen’s past.   I like her better on Arrested Development.
  • David Rosen is blaming Olivia for not getting Attorney General. Except then he says he’s going to go win the battle.
  • Cyrus, meanwhile, is drinking with another guy. Is he at a gay bar?  How did the guy know he was gay if he wasn’t at a gay bar?  Maybe I just have really bad gaydar?
  • So Huck gets drunk with the male anti-gun guy, and then Quinn pulls him into the bathroom and they start arguing about why they’re not lovers in the nighttime anymore! And then the lady stabbed him in the leg with a corkscrew.  This is fantastic.
  • Olivia is mad at the two of them now. She confronts Huck about their lover-ness.  I love Olivia and Huck.  She makes him look her in the eye.
  • David Rosen goes to his storage space office to try to figure out the B613 mess. Oh man!  Now he’s blackmailing a senator!  OH MAN!!
  • The country prepares for the State of the Union, and there are so many issues… oy. OY OY OY.
  • Abby doesn’t know that Cyrus blackmailed Olivia to make it right. And then he sticks it to her by saying that there are more important issues.  Because Olivia Pope doesn’t fail.
  • Abby goes to see Mellie. Oh, yes.
  • I KNEW IT. I knew that Abby was still a gladiator.  I KNEW IT.
  • Well, obviously, Olivia came through. And then Fitz asks everyone else to leave the room so that he can talk to Olivia before he gives his speech.  And Liv tells him that he has to talk about Mellie and the death of his son.scandal state of the union 4
  • Ahh! Mellie made it!  Yeah, Abby the Gladiator!  And they give her a standing ovation!  The Gladiators can fix anything.scandal state of the union 2
  • He’s really attacking guns.  And it’s amazing and terrifying at the same time.
  • Olivia walks down the steps and I love it. It’s such a colossal structure, and she’s so tiny.
  • Mellie is the first to stand to applaud her husband. But then she collapses on the floor in tears.  Fitz is there.  I simultaneously love and hate that they’re a team now.
  • And we’re back to Jake checking in on Harrison’s death. OH MY GOD.  He knows.  He knows they were murdered, and he knows who did it.  It was that hit man who always kills people on this show.
  • Sweet Jesus, Olivia just showed up at Jake’s with only a trench coat on.
  • And Cyrus seeks out that guy from the bar, who then takes him home. But Cy talks and talks and ruins the moment.  Or… not.  Ha!  The guy is a prostitute!  I love it.  This keeps getting better and better.  Cy almost leaves, and then Michael the Prostitute takes his pants off.
  • Oh… Cyrus was set up by Portia de Rossi.   I don’t like that one bit!
  • And it’s over! Already!  I feel like we just began!

How to Get Away with Murder, “It’s All Her Fault”

  • Okay, so everyone is still partying. And we’re at a different point in the murder plotline.  The others are worried that Dean-Wes might pin the murder on them, and one of them mentions her… but who are they talking about?  They’re saying it’s all of their faults… hmm.  I’M SO INTRIGUED, I CAN HARDLY STAND IT.
  • Now we’re two and a half months earlier. Annalise seems suspicious of her husband?  Having to do with that one girl’s murder?  He says something about evidence being destroyed in the water tank… She looks at him really weird for that.htgawm it's all her fault 1
  • Now we’re in class. And Annalise is saying that everyone lies.  She says that people never know who other people really are.
  • Case study. Present-day murder.  Rich girl is murdered, husband is blamed.  Dean-Wes looks like he’s going to vomit.  Everyone else seems pretty much okay…
  • Ugh, I’m struggling with names on this show. Gay student volunteers to be the victim.    I’m pretty sure the husband is gay.htgawm it's all her fault 2
  • Husband demonstrates the prosecution’s theory of the murders, using the gay guy… ugh, hold on… CONNOR, using Connor as his wife and a pen as the knife.   WOW.  I’m pretty sure he did it.htgawm it's all her fault 3
  • The students are given the files to look over, and Dean-Wes is called into Annalise’s office. Connor is complaining to the others that Dean-Wes didn’t earn his spot at the firm, and Amanda Tanner (again, I can’t think of her name on the show) calls him out.
  • Annalise corners Dean-Wes about whether he wants to be there, and then sends him to the police station.
  • The people at the police station think that Dean-Wes is with the DA’s office… Ohhhhh.
  • Dean-Wes is studying at almost 4 am (obviously, law school), and his neighbor… Rebecca? Maybe?  Anyway, she says that the people upstairs must have flushed the drugs, because her shower is gross, and asks to use Dean-Wes’ shower.  He lets her, because, obviously.  And then she takes her clothes off.  Because obviously.htgawm it's all her fault 4
  • Now we’re back to the coin-flipping scene on bonfire night. OH MY GOD.  Dean-Wes lied about the coin flip!  Because that’s what he wanted to do.
  • Lila Stangard! That’s the murdered girl’s name.  And, like Annalise guessed, the police were interviewing the boyfriend… who was the guy who came out of the neighbor’s apartment.  Rebecca?  Hold on again… YES.    NAILED IT.
  • In the trial, Annalise points out a discrepancy that Dean-Wes found in the police report. Nice work.  Officer was drinking on the job.
  • Connor helps by convincing his former one-night-stand, now hacker lover in the nighttime, to hack into a witness’s computer by promising dinner.   Used in court to discredit said witness.  Bam.
  • Then, Michaela and Douche-Face (I like that name much better than his actual name, which is… uhh… Asher) have to dig through the trash so they can blackmail a neighbor to say he saw the defendant while he was on a walk the night his wife was killed. Damn, I want to be a lawyer.
  • Laurel volunteers to write up the reports or whatever, since she hasn’t done anything else this episode, and everyone else smirks, because that’s the grunt work. Poor girl.
  • Amanda Tanner uses judgey eyes on Annalise when she talks to the detective. Which she shouldn’t.  Since she had an affair with the president.
  • Oh ouch. You shouldn’t blackmail detectives on the witness stand, apparently.
  • Connor is again singing Christmas songs while there’s a body in the car and everyone waits. Dean-Wes buys lighter fluid and a burn phone.  He calls… someone, telling him or her that they’re taking care of it.  That he’ll protect whoever he’s talking to.htgawm it's all her fault 5
  • Annalise gets home from court and goes through her husband’s phone, looking for a connection to Lila the Murdered Girl. There are a bunch of emails in his personal (not school) email account, and she signs them “L.”  Oh boy.htgawm it's all her fault 6
  • Dean-Wes runs into Rebecca on the stairwell and he says he’s sorry for her loss, if Lila was her friend to. Rebecca makes it clear that she wasn’t, then asks if Dean-Wes is a cop.  Oh, he’s onto her.
  • Laurel finishes the prep questions and hands then to Amanda Tanner, and then admits that she’s not sure why she’s there, unless Frank picked her. Amanda Tanner is less than helpful.
  • Annalise lectures about character witnesses while simultaneously prepping the defendant’s daughter as a character witness for him for his trial. Also of note – the defendant thinks his daughter and Dean-Wes would make beautiful babies.  That’s helpful.htgawm it's all her fault 7
  • She’s a good character witness, turns out. Until… apparently her father killed his first wife, as well.  Uh oh, now she’s accusing him of both murders in the courtroom hallway.
  • Wow, there is some tension in the marriage of Annalise and Sam right now… She’s drinking, and he’s asking questions.  What?!  This has happened before?!  He slept with a student and murdered her once before?!
  • He swears that nothing was happening between them, but I’m not sure I believe him.
  • Frank barges in on their makeout session and says that she needs to see something.
  • They’re back in the bedroom, and it’s Laurel who realizes that a hunter would know how to kill humanly. The defendant demonstrates on Amanda Tanner how to kill humanely, and then says that that’s how he killed his first wife!  In court!  But, clearly, his second wife was butchered, stabbed sixteen times.  It couldn’t have been him.htgawm it's all her fault 8 htgawm it's all her fault 9
  • There’s a medical examiner on the stand now, and then Dean-Wes figures it out. Which is the real story.  That’s what Frank showed to Annalise when he barged in the other night.
  • I knew it! Amanda Tanner is sleeping with Annalise’s husband.
  • And! The defendant gets off.
  • He also appears to know about his daughter… who killed his second wife.   Twisted.htgawm it's all her fault 11
  • Connor shows up at the hacker’s apartment with food, but they don’t appear to want to eat it as they become lovers in the nighttime again.htgawm it's all her fault 12
  • Annalise gets home, and Sam is cooking dinner for her. He says that he’s going to the cellar to get some wine… and she checks his phone again.  Oh gosh.  He deleted all of the emails from her.  He did it.  He had to have done it!
  • Annalise then intercepts her detective lover in the nighttime (Nate, I believe is his name) and says that she knows something about the Lila Stangard murder. She admits that Sam knew her, and that they were close.
  • Sam wants to talk when she gets home, but she climbs on top of him instead. Ow ow!  So many lovers in the nighttime on this show!
  • Nate agrees to verify Sam’s alibi for Annalise.
  • Annalise cries after she has sex with her husband.   That bad, huh?htgawm it's all her fault 13
  • Dean-Wes arrives home as the police are arresting Rebecca. He yells at her to not say anything, and then watches the news, which tells him about her drug charges.htgawm it's all her fault 14
  • He then remembers watching her put a bathroom bag under his sink when she took a shower at his place. He checks, and there’s no bag, but there’s a phone.htgawm it's all her fault 15
  • Dean-Wes bikes to a motel on bonfire murder night. He knocks on the door of the person he was talking to on the burn phone.  It’s Rebecca!  I should have known it was Rebecca.
  • Oh! Apparently he becomes lovers in the nighttime with his neighbor!  Ow ow!
  • He tells her that she’s safe, that he won’t leave her again, and the episode ends.htgawm it's all her fault 16
  • Like, what????? What’s going on????  I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I already can’t wait for the next episodes, which are tomorrow!  Hooray!

htgawm it's all her fault 10
All screencaps of How to Get Away with Murder courtesy of!

Also, it just amazes me that, no matter what facial expression Dean-Wes is making, he looks surprised.  Loving this show.



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