How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 3

For those few of you who actually read and enjoy my recaps, I apologize – I just didn’t get to it this week.  There’s a lot going on, but it’s no excuse.  Okay, it’s a little bit of an excuse.  But anyway, here’s what happened:

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch both shows with J2 over the weekend, but didn’t write up my thoughts while we were watching.  Because I was enjoying watching the shows and spending time with my friend, obviously.  So!  I was hoping to rewatch, and it didn’t happen.  But I do remember some of the big themes, so I’m jot those down, and we can try again next week.

Scandal, Inside the Bubble

  • Abby and Olivia are still being catty with each other, but Abby calls Liv about a law school friend of theirs whose daughter is missing. In other news, Abby and Olivia know each other from law school.
  • Fitz tells Abby that it’s nice to be inside the bubble, and she agrees.
  • David Rosen blackmails a senator (or something like that) to side with him on the gun control law. Said senator kills himself at the end.
  • Jake tracks down Charlie and is about to torture him for information on who paid him to kill Harrison and Adnan, but Charlie says only one thing will get him to talk – Quinn.
  • So Quinn spends the night with Charlie in a warehouse or something. But they don’t do a lot of talking.  Mostly, Quinn tries to convince Charlie that she actually has friends, where she doesn’t.
  • But no one at OPA knew that Quinn was gone overnight, so Quinn yells at Olivia and Huck about it. Then Huck says that he’d look for her, if she ever disappeared again.
  • Portia de Rossi continues to trick Cyrus into hanging out with her gay prostitute. Who is apparently also in business school.  Are we supposed to believe him?
  • Mellie gets super attached to this case about a new wife who may or may not have pushed her husband off a cliff. She even holds a meeting and crap.  It’s hard to watch.  Then Mellie falls apart again.
  • And, lastly, Jake and Olivia have dinner with Olivia’s dad, and he and Jake get into this heated argument about who is in control of B613. Jake also reveals that he knows Eli had Harrison and Adnan killed.

What’s going to happen next?!  Also, did I forget anything important?

How to Get Away with Murder, Smile, or Go to Jail

  • Gosh, a lot happens this week. Where to even begin?
  • Michaela’s fiancé is in town, and, it turns out, he knows Conner from prep school, and they were lovers in the nighttime! Whoa!  Gay?  Straight?  What is he??  It doesn’t really matter, except that Michaela kind of threatened him at the end of the episode, and I didn’t like that.  Also, in the present, Michaela loses her engagement ring while they’re burning the body of Annalise’s husband.
  • Laurel meets a guy at a party and makes Frank jealous.
  • Connor taunts Michaela for most of the episode.
  • Asher is a douche with a rich dad.
  • Rebecca is in prison, and the quarterback boyfriend of Lila Stangard is placing all the blame on her for Lila’s murder. Dean-Wes makes a fake ID badge and pretends to be a public defender in order to meet with her, but she rats him out.  Annalise bails him out, and he goes on a tirade about how she shouldn’t defend the rich quarterback, but the girl who totally didn’t do it who is his hot neighbor.
  • Dean-Wes also realizes that he has Lila’s phone. That’s whose phone was in his bathroom.
  • The case of the week is a soccer mom who was arrested for public indecency. Turns out, she’s actually a fugitive in a cult-ish bombing from two decades earlier.  She tries to get her ex, who is in jail, to testify on her behalf, and it looks like it doesn’t work out until we realize that he got immediate release and she jumped bail, just to be together.  Yeah, that’s going to work out.
  • We also learned that Annalise’s husband’s alibi is the opposite of solid. He didn’t show up for his Yale thing, and his car wasn’t in the hotel parking lot the whole night Lila disappeared.  But Nate lies to Annalise about it.  He tells her the alibi is solid.

Again, did I miss anything?

Enjoy watching tonight!  I’m watching night lab, so I’ll have to watch late.




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