How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 4

And we’re back!  And I have a full recap prepared, unlike last week.  Apologies, again!

After last week, I wasn’t sure where either show was going to go.  It wasn’t like a ton of stuff happened, but also, a TON of stuff happened.  I think I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the characters and all of the things.  This week was groundbreaking, in a lot of ways, as profiled on BuzzFeed.  But it also furthered plots, and that’s what I like to see!

So, here we go!  And I must warn you – my surprise gets the better of me sometimes.  And I don’t keep the post completely clean.  I apologize in advance!

Scandal, Like Father, Like Daughter

  • Someone is trying to blow Jake’s car up, which is rude, but he notices the red blinking light and doesn’t get in.
  • Jake wants to tell Olivia about her father and his threats so badly, but she gets a call and leaves. As per usual.  So he just drinks his beer instead?
  • Quinn and Olivia are at a frat party? Like, what?  They’re looking for someone… who is laying in her underwear puking onto someone’s bedroom floor.    Quinn has to call Cyrus’ black number… oh boy.  OH BOY.
  • It’s the president’s daughter!
  • Oh dear, Cyrus is in bed with Prostitute Michael. This is not good.  This is so not good.
  • Huck shuts down the cell service, and Olivia and Quinn help get Karen out of the house. They then get rescued by a helicopter.
  • Then Olivia yells at Karen for a while. And Karen yells back that the Secret Service did nothing to save her brother.  Which we know to be true, since one of the Secret Service agents actually killed him.  And then… oh, and then!
  • Then Karen gets yelled at by the president, who is also her dad, and he discovers that she was high and drunk and holy crap. This is bad.  Naturally, he automatically jumps to rape.  And then, the still-drunk-and-high Karen tells him that she can have sex with however many guys she wants, #yolo.
  • The President yells at Karen, yells at Cyrus, yells at Olivia. But Liv, naturally, gives it right back.  Fitz begs Olivia to help him, and she crumbles, naturally.
  • Abby catches Quinn and Huck in the White House and demands to know what they’re doing there, but they clearly aren’t supposed to tell her. Cyrus calls her off, and Abby is whining about it.  He also tells Abby that she’s clearly jealous of Olivia, and then tells her to give it a rest.  Love it.  Love him.  Well, sometimes.  Sometimes I hate him.
  • Fitz and Karen show up in Mellie’s room, and Karen hasn’t seen Mellie like that. Oh, that’s not going to be good.
  • Meanwhile, Huck, Quinn, and Olivia are trying to track down the two guys who had sex with Karen, while Karen is in the room. Can you imagine??
  • Karen can’t remember anything. This is ridiculous.  This makes me sad.  And disturbed.  They find one of them.
  • Rowan is yelling at Tom the Secret Service agent now, disappointed that Jake did not die in the car bomb. Then Rowan threatens Tom and leaves.  Yikes yikes yikes.  There’s a clock on Jake’s life now.  Oh deary.  Tom doesn’t like it either.
  • And then Jake shows up to have a chat with Tom. Jake fills him in that this is all about the death of Jerry, the President’s son, and then that Tom also knows those details.  So they are both dead men walking.
  • Olivia fills Fitz in on the progress with Karen’s drunken hookups, and Fitz realizes that he may have made a mistake. Then Fitz calls Olivia on her shit – on running away.  Gosh, he looks heartbroken.  And he just wants Olivia back, and he doesn’t know that Jake was with her.  Oh dear dear dear.  This won’t end well.  Lies never end well.
  • Olivia leaves, because it was either that or have sex, and that’s not a great option right now.
  • David Rosen drinks and watches an interview of himself. Jake shows up in his office, demanding that David release the B613 fiiles, should Jake be killed.  David says no.  He says no to everything.  Then Jake strangles and pins David down, saying he’ll kill him if he doesn’t get the files.    That escalated quickly.
  • Jake calls Olivia. Mellie catches Olivia wandering through the halls, and Olivia tells Mellie to talk to her husband.  Mellie is raging when she arrives in Fitz’s office.
  • He finally tells Mellie the whole story with Karen, and that Karen called Olivia. Mellie keeps raging, saying she’ll fix everything, but Fitz has had enough.  He says that Mellie hasn’t mothered anyone since Jerry died, and he just keeps yelling.  And yelling.  And yelling.  All Mellie hears is “sex tape.”  And then she says that Karen takes after her daddy.  Holy shit, that was a low blow.
  • Quinn goes all bat-shit crazy on one of the high school boys that Karen had sex with. I like it.  There is fear in his eyes.
  • Quinn got the information, and Olivia calls the parents into her office. The other boy’s parents seem willing to give up the tape… until they ask for $2.5 million.
  • Olivia tries to convince Fitz to just give up the money, but he doesn’t want to. He thinks it’s ridiculous, and I agree.  And then Fitz pulls Olivia close, tells her she can’t leave him again, and then they finally FINALLY are about to have sex.    Four episodes is too long to wait.  I love me some Vermont-loving.
  • Until she reveals that she didn’t go alone, that she went to the island with Jake. And then the moment passes, and everything is sad again.  He tells Olivia to pay the parents, and then storms out, saying it’s what his father would have done.
  • Those terrible parents who are trying to exploit money out of Fitz asked for another half a million, and Olivia starts snapping pictures, promising to destroy them. She says that what they’re doing is threatening to share child pornography, and that she will go to any lengths to completely destroy them as a family.    I LOVE IT.
  • She really is the best.
  • Karen is tearing her room apart looking for her phone, but Mellie has it. Mellie confronts her daughter about it, and Karen just yells that she knows Mellie is disappointed.  But Mellie… surprises everyone.  She says that she understands that Karen was just feeling empty and lonely and that she misses her brother, so she gets a free pass.  Then they hug it out.    That was surprising and big of Mellie.
  • And then my heart breaks, because Karen asks if Mellie is okay. Wow, again.
  • Oh my. There’s an internal investigation of the Secret Service going on (isn’t it funny when art imitates life?), and someone discovered the discrepancy with Tom.  Poor Tom.  You’re about to get kicked out of the bubble… and potentially killed.
  • Fitz looks like he just figured something out. Tom was at Fort Dietrich… there must be a significance to that.
  • Tom calls Jake. Oh shit.  Jake tries to tell the President about his son, but Fitz blows him off.
  • OH NO. Rowan shows up at the internal review.  Tom is in deep shit.  DEEP DEEP SHIT.
  • OH NO.  Rowan nails him to the wall.  This is terrible.  Jake didn’t get there in time.  And now Rowan is pinning the murder of the President’s son on Jake.  This is all crap!  I hate Rowan so much!
  • Jake, who had been waiting for the President, gets taken into custody. Or something.  Tom is arrested.  And Rowan walks free.  Rowan effing walks free.

Ugh ugh ugh.  Moving on to the next Shondaland show.  Hopefully I won’t end up so upset at the end of the next one!

How to Get Away with Murder, Let’s Get to Scooping

  • We start every episode with that same cheerleader spinning around. On bonfire night, Connor is yelling at Michaela because she’s broken and crying on the floor.  We get a little bit more every single episode.  Dean-Wes says to take Michaela to the woods, that he’ll put Rebecca somewhere and then meet them.  But then there’s a knock on the door.    I’ve been wondering where he was during all of this!
  • Seven weeks earlier… Connor shows up at his lover in the nighttime’s place, demanding that he take off his clothes. LITN’s name is something that I will never remember, but he says he has to go to work, and that Connor is a sex addict.  Potentially true, but not any different from any other Shondaland character.
  • Okay, Connor and LITN are cute.
  • They’re on trial? Or at a hearing?  Something where Annalise is representing Rebecca.
  • Ahh, bail hearing. Bail is set at $1 million.
  • Rebecca doesn’t seem to want to talk to Annalise and Amanda Tanner. When she finally does, she says that she didn’t do it, and that Dean-Wes was right.  Oh boy.  Now Dean-Wes is in TROUBLE.
  • Ohhh dear. Annalise is telling Dean-Wes that it’s his fault that Rebecca confessed.    Wouldn’t want to be him right about now.
  • The other people are gabbing outside the door, trying to barter with Laurel for one of her boyfriend’s study guides or something.
  • Then Amanda Tanner and Frank talk about who the shooting star is going to be, but they won’t explain what that means.
  • Annalise comes out, instructing Amanda Tanner to get Rebecca’s confession tape. Then she takes Dean-Wes off the Rebbeca Sutter case.
  • Their new client is being charged with insider trading. Oh, boy.  Sex tape.  Another sex tape.  This time with the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, blah blah blah, financial stuff, she knew in advance that a big trade was going to happen.  Or something.
  • Amanda Tanner is unsuccessful in getting the tape of Rebecca’s confession.
  • Meanwhile, Annalise is talking to the new client about her sex tape.   But the client is swearing up and down that she didn’t buy that stock, that her account was hacked.  Interesting.  Also, Annalise is friends with this client.  Hmm.
  • It seems like the employees are very loyal. This is pretty awesome, actually.  Until the five students give themselves away…
  • Annalise and the client have a heart to heart, and she insists that Annalise stop investigating her people.
  • She then goes home to try to have sex with her husband, but he leaves to go to a department dinner. And she… tells Nate to break into his car?  Oh, to look at the GPS.  Except he gets caught… uh oh.
  • And why is Amanda Tanner tailing him? Oh, because she loves him.
  • Back in the present, Conner is babbling about all the ways they’re going to get caught.   He’s losing it.
  • Annalise yells at them all for not finding any leads while interviewing the employees at the client’s company, and then Connor says he has a new lead. Michaela freaks out about their torts exam, and then they call her the shooting star.  Then Laurel’s new boyfriend shows up, and Frank gets pissy.    Michaela is that uptight girl who everyone hates, yet wants to study with at the same time.  I knew quite a few of them in college.  They were each just begging to be punched in the throat.
  • Connor shows back up at the office of the client and talks to that one employee who is clearly gay and into Connor.   Let’s see how this plays out.
  • Oopa! Connor has another lover in the nighttime!
  • There is an awkward situation in the office kitchen, where Laurel, her boyfriend, and Dean-Wes are discussing how to get Rebecca out on bail. Frank walks in and disperses the group, looking longingly at Laurel and blatantly challenging the boyfriend.    And Dean-Wes, you need to stop whining and start acting like a man.  Sheesh.
  • Oh em gee! Connor just gets it on tape – basically a confession from the client’s assistant.    He’s smarter than I gave him credit for.
  • In the present, Connor is manically beating Sam’s body with a crowbar to break it into pieces. Holy shit.
  • Connor is getting his maybe-boyfriend to trace the phone call and stuff, and it’s just so cute. I want them to be together.  Not him and the sleazy assistant.  Is it bad to have a ship this early?
  • Apparently, Amanda Tanner’s name is Bonnie Winterbottom. Yeah, I’m not calling her that.  What a terrible character name!
  • Oh dear. Amanda Tanner lets it slip that Nate is investigating Sam.  She gets the confession tape, but still.  This is going to be bad for Nate.
  • The client confronts the guy that set her up. And then he jumped out the window, because she said some terribly hateful things to him.  And now there is no one to prosecute.
  • Everyone is blaming themselves, and I can’t decide who to feel sorry for right now. I really like Connor.  I think I’m going to pick Connor, at least for now.
  • Meanwhile, the lawyers are trying to figure out who Pax, the kid who went out the window, was working with. They got it.  They think they got it.
  • Then they do one of my favorite kind of scenes – where Annalise is explaining how to do something in the classroom while we watch her actually do it on a case. This time, it’s getting a confession.  And it’s glorious to watch.
  • The group watches the tape of Rebecca’s confession, and then point out to the judge that she was coerced into giving it. Her bail is reduced, and she gets to go home.  And Amanda Tanner lies to Annalise’s face about how she got the tape.  Oh dear.
  • In the present, we learn two things. One, LITN’s name is Oliver.  And two, Connor is the weak link.  He shows up at Oliver’s apartment, completely hysterical, after they burned and disposed of Sam’s body.
  • Oliver kicks Connor out of his apartment after hearing that Connor slept with the other guy. Too many LITNs, I guess.
  • Rebecca gets to go home, and Dean-Wes is waiting for her. He confronts her with Lila’s phone, and she looks genuinely terrified.
  • Dean-Wes turns the phone over to Annalise, and she makes him swear that he won’t tell anyone. Because Rebecca needs someone to trust, and Annalise says that person is Dean-Wes now.
  • Oh shit. She took off her wedding ring.  Are the photos of Sam??  AND HER WIG!!  What the hell?  Does she have cancer??  What is going on??
  • HOLY SHIT!!!!! It’s Sam’s penis!!  On the phone!!!
  • And, naturally, that’s the end of the episode.   WOW.

Again, I apologize for my language during this post.  It’s just so… wow.  I can’t help it!

Until next week!



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