How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 5

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you already know this.  For those of you who aren’t, here’s the scoop—I’ve got a s**t-ton of things to do for my classes in the coming month, mostly because I’m missing a week to visit my college friend, AM, on the West Coast before Thanksgiving.  So my recaps are going to be shorter and less detailed, but I’m not disappearing!  I’ve almost gotten through ten whole months on this blog, and there ain’t no way I’m quitting now!

So, without further ado…

Scandal, The Key

Things we learned this episode:

  • Olivia has not been informed that Jake is being detained at the Pentagon.
  • The high-schooler who was killed in the last episode… yeah, now her best friend is dead, too, at the hands of some shady former policeman? Maybe?  I’m fuzzy on who he was.
  • Huck has spoken to his former wife, and she’s not pleased that he camps out in front of her house. She has called the police on him.
  • Mellie did not have a breakthrough after her chat with Karen, like I hoped. She is still drunk-and-smelly Mellie.
  • Jake keeps picturing the beach until Fitz comes to question him himself.
  • Oh dear. Fitz isn’t completely motivated by justice.  Fitz is pissed that Jake went to an island with Olivia.  Fitz wants Jake to fry.
  • Olivia learns that Jake’s last known location was the White House, and then calls Fitz… only to realize that Fitz has Jake.
  • Cyrus pays a visit to Olivia to remind her that Jake is a terrible person who killed James. REMEMBER, OLIVIA??? #fitzliviaforever
  • The father of the first dead high-schooler didn’t know that his henchman killed her or her friend.
  • Said henchman is looking for a key.
  • Quinn figured out where the key is! The second high-schooler swallowed it!  So, naturally, Quinn cuts it out of the corpse.
  • Huck is finally allowed to see his son, except his wife tricked him, and there’s a therapist there instead.   I feel so terrible for Huck.
  • Olivia goes to her father for confirmation that Jake couldn’t have killed Jerry and Harrison… but her father does not reassure her. HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE THAT IT’S HIM???
  • Mellie accuses Fitz of going back to Olivia, so he finally has to tell her that he was questioning their son’s murderer. And she finally snaps out of it.  She was so happy to call it murder.
  • Olivia cries on Abby’s shoulder while she tries to reconcile the Jake that she knows (lover-in-the-nighttime Jake) with the Jake that everyone else knows (sadistic-killer Jake). Abby, finally, is there for Olivia.  Please be friends again.
  • Oh, and David Rosen was trying to booty-call Abby, and that didn’t work, so initially, Abby was going to yell at Olivia, but she ends up comforting her. Did that make sense?

It appears that we are going to learn about the key in the next episode, which is exciting!  And hopefully more about Huck’s family.  And I want Olivia and Abby to be friends again!

Moving on…

How to Get Away with Murder, We’re Not Friends

It’s easiest for me to group this show by what happens to each character.  So I’m going to do that.

  • Dean/Wes—it becomes very clear in this episode that he and Rebecca are forming feelings for each other. She barges into his apartment and eats some of his pizza, and he later escorts her to Annalise’s house for a “psych evaluation,” where he learns that Sam is Mr. Darcy (more on that in the Rebecca bullet point).
  • Michaela—we don’t learn a lot about Michaela in this episode, other than that she’s concerned about getting notes to her study group. Also, in a flashback, we learn that, after she can’t find her engagement ring, Laurel volunteers to do her final job.
  • Laurel—finally, we learn more about Laurel! In the present day, we learn that she did become lovers in the nighttime with Frank, and it seems like it was more than that, perhaps.  The others make her answer a call from Frank to solidify their alibi.  In a flashback, we follow her throughout a case, where she tips off a juror to nullification, which ends in a mistrial, which leads to a lesser sentence for their defendant.  She kisses Frank, gets all fired up, and then jumps her boyfriend’s bones.  I think we’ve seen all of the law students except for Dean/Wes and Asher have sex now… so there’s that to look forward to.  At the very end, in the present day, we learn that Laurel goes to Frank for help returning the statue/murder weapon to Annalise’s office, because he says he’d do anything for her.
  • Connor—the only thing of note about Connor in this episode is that he outs one of the jurors as gay and biased against the defendant during the trial. Which was super sneaky.
  • Asher—again, we don’t learn much about him other than he has a bigger heart than I realized. He tears up when the son gets his lesser sentence for protecting his mother from his father’s abuse.
  • Rebecca—like I said, she begins by stealing some of Dean/Wes’ pizza. Then she participates in a “psych evaluation” with Sam, as a test to see if Lila told her anything.  She is pretty clear that she thinks “Mr. Darcy” killed Lila.  When she goes upstairs to the bathroom, she sees the same wallpaper that is in the background of Mr. Darcy’s dick pic.  So she flees, and Dean/Wes is left with the pieces.
  • Annalise—tries to balance a tough case with learning that her husband cheated, apparently again. Almost pulls it off, until Dean/Wes sneaks back into her house and calls her on the wallpaper thing.  Also, she scolds Amanda Tanner for throwing Nate under the bus.  Is well aware of Amanda Tanner’s feelings for her husband.  Flashes wedding ring.    Cat fight!  Sadly, no.
  • Sam—was described by Lila as “Mr. Darcy” to Rebecca. Said he had sex with Lila six of seven times, but that she was troubled.  FINALLY admits to not being at Yale during the murder.  Do I believe he didn’t do it?  Well, he gets dead, so does that really matter?
  • Nate—gets fired, because Amanda Tanner blew his cover.
  • The Current Case—this one is a sad one. A teenager shoots his cop dad in the back with his service revolver after watching him abuse his mom for years.  Laurel is keeping track of the jurors’ feelings, and when she knows they can’t win the case, she lets the one lady in on juror nullification.  Mistrial is called, and the boy gets a lighter sentence with no jail time.  Success!

Did you follow all of that?  I seriously love these shows and can never wait until the next episode.  I would prefer a good ole Netflix binge!  But this is fun, too.

Until next week (where I’m promised we finally learn more about Asher!)!



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