Weekend Plans #44

Another weekend.  Lord.  How is the year flying by so quickly?

Friday:  Work.  Then other work.  Then home.  Relaxed, watched some Criminal Minds with H.  Did not hand out candy, because I wanted to eat it all.  Mwahahaha!  Just kidding.

Saturday:  I was able to stay in bed until after noon!  Sort of… I got up and made breakfast, and then went back to bed to eat it and read.  But still, it was the first relaxing Saturday morning in a very long time, because I didn’t have to get a long run in!  I finished up some proofreading work for a friend of mine, and H started working on his graduate school admissions essays.  Fun, right?

Sunday:  Church in the morning.  I think that’s our only plan.  H has more essays to work on, and I have some homework to do.  Then, in the evening, H is leaving Ole and I at home to go to a sleep study to hopefully figure out why he randomly stops breathing while he’s asleep.  I think it’s sleep apnea.  His doctors think he doesn’t have the right predispositions, or something like that.  We will see.

I can’t believe it’s November already!



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