Rewatching The Hills Years Later

Today is normally when I write How to Get Away with Scandal, but I was really busy at work today and didn’t get around to recapping my thoughts. So I’m hoping for an early-in-the-day post tomorrow.

Anyway! Last week, I rewatched the first season of the Hills, so I thought I would write about that.

We all know that Lauren Conrad got married to William Tell almost two months ago. I bought the issue of Us Weekly that talked about their wedding and everything, and she was beautiful, as per usual. But flash back to 2006, and LC is going to fashion school and slumming it out as an intern at Teen Vogue.thehills1

I thought I would hate rewatching a reality show, but I actually loved it. It gave me an LC fix (because you know how I love her), and I got to listen to some drama that wasn’t related to me! Love it. It also reinforced my love for Lauren, because she’s one of the only level-headed cast members of the show. She’s so down to earth, yet she’s living in this crazy fashionista world. And she just rocks it.

Plus, mid-2000’s fashion is amazing to watch again. Ha.

Will I continue watching the seasons again? Oh, probably. Right now I only have time for snippets of stuff, an episode here during lunch, or there during the final 30 minutes of work, and so on. And it entertains me, because it’s a life I will never lead. It also gets me super excited to visit AM in that part of the country! Yay!

Have you ever rewatched a reality show? What was your take?



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