How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 6

It’s been another busy week, so here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to give you an update on each character, which should hopefully help you go into tonight’s episodes.  Sound good?  Okay, good.

Scandal, An Innocent Man

  • Olivia Pope—The episode starts and ends with her swimming. At the beginning, she is swimming and thinking being lovers in the nighttime with both Jake and Fitz, and then she’s done swimming and she wakes up in a panic.  Abby comforts her, and convinces Fitz to give Liv Jake’s file.  In the end, she convinces Fitz to keep Jake away from her father.  She is also involved in the case of a prisoner who was convicted of attempting to assassinate a former president, who has recently died.  The prisoner insists that he is innocent, and retrieving the bullet will prove it.  So Liv makes it so.  But it turns out that the guy is guilty.  Very guilty.  And he wants to fry in the electric chair, making a name for himself as an assassin.  So Olivia arranges for him to get life in prison, since he duped her.  She also sticks it to both Fitz and her father, showing how powerful women can be.  She argues for strong women to not be called bitches, but also proves that sex and love are more powerful than any negative energy given out.  She is my hero.
  • President Fitzgerald Grant—He’s so dang angry. And he wants to take it out on Jake, but it’s illegal.  Somehow, Rowan convinces him to transfer Jake to Rowan’s custody, where he will surely be killed.  After getting yelled at by Olivia and then told that there is still a chance for them, he takes Jake back and puts him in prison.  Out of Rowan’s hands, which is the best dang part.  I just want Fitzlivia to happen again.  They’re perfect.
  • Mellie Grant—Finally snapped out of her grief-stricken Smelly Mellie phase, she takes charge and helps the former first lady plan her husband’s funeral. It turns out that this former first lady ran the whole dang country, and no one even knew it.  But her husband was too busy nighttime-lovin’ every woman who breathes to give a damn what she was doing.  She tells Mellie to be strong, to stick it to her husband in a way that lets her call the shots.  This is going to make the season very interesting.  I’m glad Mellie is back, but I still don’t really like her.
  • Abby Whelan—Abby and Olivia are friends again, thank the good lord! Abby spends the night at Olivia’s, comforting her after she learned about Jake’s potentially back-stabbing ways.  She confronts the president about letting Olivia see Jake, saying that he’s never heard her screaming in her sleep from nightmares, but as the guy who used to be sleeping with her best friend, he’s being a bit of a dick.  Go, Abby!  Fitz wants to fire her, but Cyrus blackmails her into doing his dirty work, since something secure was leaked, and he can’t have that.  Abby uses her former-gladiating talents to blow Cyrus’ secret fling with the man-whore wide open, but only to Cyrus, so he knows that she knows.  It’s juicy.  Go, Abby!  I’m glad you’re back in the white hat!
  • Quinn Perkins—Quinn finally finds the locker that the key from the dead girl’s stomach opens. Turns out it’s pictures of Olivia.    I smell an overarching plot forming!
  • Huck—Because his former wife won’t let him see his son, he finds another way. They game together now.  It’s distracting him from his work, but he needs it.  I can get behind that.
  • Cyrus Beene—He leaves his phone out in plain sight while he gets ready in the morning, and his man-whore whose name I can’t remember reads his emails. That’s how the secret thingy leaked!  Because man-whore told Portia de Rossi!  So now Cyrus knows that Abby knows, and the cat’s out of the bag!
  • David Rosen—Uhh. Did David Rosen do anything in this episode?  He told Olivia that Fitz transferred Jake into Rowan’s custody.  Otherwise… hmm.  He was fairly absent, I think.  I want him to get back with Abby, though.
  • Jake Ballard—He had no luck convincing the president that he didn’t kill his son, so he doesn’t even try when Olivia visits him. He just gives her a foreign account number.  And he is resigned to his fate, even though he is very clear that it was all Rowan’s doing.  Rowan threatens him, and then Fitz gets him back.  But, either way, Jake is imprisoned.
  • Rowan Pope—What a conniving little son of a bitch. I hate this guy.  He brainwashes Fitz to believe in his judgment, then takes Jake away to murder him in a very torturous sort of way.  But then Olivia gets Jake back, and Rowan is PISSSSSSSED.  He visits his daughter at the pool, and I’m momentarily scared that he’s going to drown her or something.  But she is amazing, and just swims away saying that there are some things that even Command can’t do—like sexy time with the president.

It was a good episode, but HTGAWM was even better!

How to Get Away with Murder, Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

  • Dean/Wes Gibbins—Pissed at Annalise for hiding the fact that her husband is Mr. Darcy, he doesn’t show up for class, but leaves the trophy on his desk. Quite a sign for everyone to see.  Annalise convinces him to come back and help with the current case, and in the end, he gets Rebecca to come back.
  • Connor Walsh—Not super present in this episode, but helping with the case in the flashbacks and driving the getaway car. I believe it was him who coined “freakin’ whack-a-mole,” because he almost hits Asher with the getaway car while he’s crossing the street.
  • Michaela Pratt—Again, not super present. Helping with the case and the crime, with Connor and the others.
  • Laurel Castillo—Laurel is chastised by Amanda Tanner for leading Frank on, which I find ironic. I really don’t like Amanda Tanner in any show she’s been in that I’ve seen.  So Laurel is clear with Frank that she’s not interested, and I can’t tell if he believes her.
  • Annalise Keating—She has to try to keep Dean/Wes in line, and she does so by getting Frank to plant evidence (Lila’s phone) in her quarterback-boyfriend’s car. That’s upsetting to me.  In flashback’s, she’s all about this case of an appeal against a wrongful conviction, that was handed down by Asher’s father in order to further his political career.
  • Asher Millstone—This episode is all about Asher, which I love. In the present day, he’s being his typical frat boy self while getting ready for the bonfire, and he’s trying to get ahold of a girl.  When he realizes his trophy is gone, he goes to find it, which is how he ends up outside the house at the murder scene.  He is duped by Michaela and ends up at the library looking for his trophy, but somehow is crossing the street when the others are moving the body.  At the end, we see that his mystery girl is… Amanda Tanner.    She’s always sleeping with everybody.  In flashbacks, he goes to talk to his dad about the wrongful-conviction case, and learns that his dad is corrupt.  So he sells out his dad (as long as his name isn’t mentioned in court) for the trophy, which Annalise gives him.  And, apparently, he keeps it until Murder Day.
  • Rebecca Sutter—Absent the entire episode, she’s hiding because she doesn’t trust Annalise anymore. I don’t really blame her.  Dean/Wes is tirelessly fighting for her, which the others take to mean that he’s her lover in the nighttime.  Not yet…

We are promised more information about the relationship between Dean/Wes and Rebecca in tonight’s episode.  I’M SO EXCITED!!




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