How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 7

Hectic doesn’t even begin to describe my week.  My new hours started at both jobs, plus we were hit by an early snowstorm, so I’ve been leaving the house before 7 am every morning and going going going until long after the sun is down.  And I got rear-ended last night.  And tonight is night lab.  Bleh.  But!  Tomorrow is (thankfully) Friday!  Hooray!  And it’s already less than ten days until the West Coast for me, so that’s something to look forward to.

I’m going to do the same thing I did last week—summary by character.  It seems most efficient, especially for HTGAWM.  Here we go!

Scandal, Baby Made a Mess

  • Olivia Pope—Fitz is back to calling Olivia every night, because she said there’s hope. But she won’t talk to him until he promises that Jake is getting fed regular meals and all that.  This annoys Fitz, but of course, he complies.  Because Olivia is the sun, and he orbits around her.  She then calls in a favor to get access to SuperMax, the prison Jake is in.  But she doesn’t want to visit Jake… she visits Tom, the former Secret Service member who sold Jake out.  He comments on how he’s never gotten a good look at her face, and that she’s beautiful, but he never understood why Fitz was so crazy about her.  And that Fitz had to visit her apartment to see that she was really gone.  And that he tried to kill himself once after she left.  But he doesn’t betray Rowan or B613.  Olivia warns him that he’s a loose end to Rowan.  And sure enough, he gets stabbed by a guard, then proceeds to tell Olivia the whole dirty story.  Turns out Olivia is the one who paid the guard.  Like father, like daughter.  Which is exactly what Rowan tells her, basically, when he confronts her in her apartment one night.  Olivia presents her recording of the conversation with Tom to Fitz, and it looks like his face is going to burst.    The side plot of the episode is that Olivia and Abby are friends again, thank God, because Abby’s estranged wife-beating ex-husband is back and running for senate in an emergency election.  Abby doesn’t want to do anything and definitely doesn’t want to tell anyone about the skeeze, but Olivia jumps in and prepares his opposition for battle.  She’s a powerhouse this episode.
  • President Fitzgerald Grant—He’s calling Olivia again, which we should have expected. He has her on a much shorter leash this time, though.  At one point, he’s so frustrated that he gets her all worked up over the phone and then hangs up.  Powerful, and only something someone you love could do to you.  He’s fricking pissed about the Rowan situation at the end of the episode, too, and I’m assuming we will see more of that fallout this week.  Oh, and there was a terrorist attack somewhere in the Middle East (I think?), and he sends in a ship.
  • Mellie Grant—She’s picking out china patterns for the White House. And then Portia de Rossi shows up and wants to take shop with her as a way of manipulating the President.  She leaks some of the information that PdR shared with her in her interview about the china patterns, which furthers a side plot.  Fitz isn’t happy that she’s commenting on his work again, and she doesn’t care.  She also offers to get him some fried chicken, which is nice.
  • Abby Whelan—Abby is a big ole wreck after her ex shows up and is endorsed by President Grant as a Senate candidate. She throws up and Olivia brings her a new dress, and they devise a plan to fix it.  What’s his nuts, the guy who ran the Vice President’s presidential campaign, he’s back and working for the ex.  He asks for dirt on their marriage, and Abby won’t give it right away.  But she eventually does.  Chip (the ex) beat the crap out of her, and she has the medical records to prove it.  Campaign manager man leaks something to the press so that his candidate won’t win, and then he kisses Abby.    Oh, and Abby aims a gun at Chip in a parking garage, but doesn’t shoot.  That would be terrifying.
  • Quinn Perkins—Mostly, she’s doing Olivia’s dirty work again, which I love. She’s such a force, and she’s gorgeous, too.  She’s the one who pays the guard to stab Tom.
  • Huck—Still playing video games with his son, who suggests a meeting. Huck goes, but just watches through the window.  Mini-Huck tracks the IP address and finds Huck, asking him why he left.  I’m seriously looking forward to the conclusion on this one.
  • Cyrus Beene—He suspects that his lover in the nighttime is a mole, but he can’t figure out where the information is getting leaked. So he gives man-whore false information to see what happens.  He hasn’t connected PdR to the whole thing yet.  But I’m sure he will soon… especially since it was Mellie who spilled the false information this time around.
  • David Rosen—He gets Olivia into SuperMax. Otherwise… pretty absent again.  I wish he had been involved in the Abby and her ex storyline.  I want Abby to get back with him so badly!  It’s in the way he says her name.  I can’t explain it.
  • Jake Ballard—Also pretty absent, although he gets pulled from SuperMax at the end of the episode to meet with Fitz and Olivia in a super-secret room. Shit’s going down!
  • Rowan Pope—Tries to threaten Olivia. Only makes her stronger.  Generally, an all-around terrible person.  What else is new?

This episode was wonderful, but it was one of those where the plot was advanced, but not enough.  I want more!  Can’t wait for this week!

How to Get Away with Murder, He Deserved to Die

  • Dean Thomas/Wes Gibbins—Present Day: We find out that it was indeed Rebecca that killed Sam Keating, and Dean/Wes takes her upstairs to clean her up while the other three freak out downstairs with the dead body.  He puts Rebecca in a motel room, makes her wait there, and tells her that he convinced the others to “take care of it.”  Oh, Dean/Wes.  Why?  Flashbacks:  They’re starting to prep for Rebecca’s trial, and Dean/Wes is constantly looking out for Rebecca rather than being a good lawyer.  Everyone thinks they are lovers in the nighttime.  And they aren’t… until this episode.  We also learn that Dean/Wes’s mother committed suicide, which is part of why he always wants to fix everyone.  We also learn that he was born in Haiti, grew up in Ohio, and likes mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • Connor Walsh—He’s sleeping with everyone he can find because he’s pretty torn up about losing Oliver, his computer nerd nighttime lover. He gets buzzed and starts ranting to the DA’s assistant about it when he’s supposed to be getting information.  She suggests flowers, so he shows up at Oliver’s place with flowers only to find another man there.  Tough blow, Connor.  So he does some guy in the bathroom at the courthouse.
  • Michaela Pratt—She is served a prenup at a meeting with a prestigious firm that she thought was for a summer intern position.   Talk about a bad day.
  • Laurel Castillo—Her boyfriend wants her to leave Annalise’s firm and work for his non-profit, or whatever the crap he does. I just don’t like her boyfriend, but it could be because he shares a name with the tiger from the Jungle Book.  At the end of the episode, Frank tells Laurel not to leave Annalise’s because of his crush on her, and they end up doing it on the railing on the porch.    So much class this episode.
  • Asher Millstone—Gets drunk and tries to get lucky instead of doing their interviewing assignment.   Also says that he wishes he had been born gay, which is a funny thing to say but also acknowledges that people are born gay and can’t be cured, or any such religious nonsense.  I love that Shonda Rhimes can just toss that in there all nonchalant-like.  It’s wonderful.
  • Annalise Keating—She’s having trouble keeping all of her people in line, including the DA. She’s also rebuking her husband for the time being.  At the end of the episode, after a second autopsy is done on Lila Stangard, we learn that Lila was six weeks pregnant.  With Sam’s baby.  The blows just keep on coming.
  • Rebecca Sutter—She’s annoyed that she has to hang out in a law office all day, so she starts listening. She figures out that Michaela got prenupped and that Laurel might leave, and she pits the girls against each other.  Why?  For her own enjoyment.  What does Dean/Wes see in her?  At the end of the episode, while trying to buy mint chocolate chip ice cream for Dean/Wes, she is approached by Nate.  He wants her to help him bring Sam down.  Oh, now things are getting good.

It’s going to be a good night on TGIT!  I also read that the first official Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is going to premiere during Scandal.  SCANDALOUS!!



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