Levo League

I decided to switch it up a little bit tonight. My schedule has me writing about Kristen Wiig today, but I am postponing her entry until later in the week. I want to talk about this fabulous website that I found last week called Levo League.warren-buffett-quotation

What is Levo League?

Straight from the website, “Levo is a growing community of professional women seeking advice, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed.” There are job postings, which is pretty cool. There are mentors, which consist of established people in professional fields (even some CEOs!) who take questions from everyday people about how they built their careers. And there are articles—that’s been my favorite part so far. There are articles with career and lifestyle advice for the working woman.

What is so cool about Levo League?

Here’s a story based on my personal experience that pretty much sums up why this website is going to make waves. One day about two weeks ago (I may have mentioned this before), I was frustrated at work and sent out a flurry of job applications. This was the day I discovered Levo League, actually. I applied for a job at Levo itself, using the website—I think it was for a product manager position. You know how when you apply for jobs, you’re just playing the waiting game? In my experience, the good companies are the ones that send out computer-automated rejection emails. “Thank you for applying, but we’ve chosen to pursue other candidates.” You know the ones I’m talking about. Levo League went above and beyond. This is word-for-word the email I received:

Hi A,

Thank you for your very thoughtful and – not surprisingly – well written cover letter.   For Levo though, I’m looking for a Product Manager who already has a few years of experience under her belt doing digital product management. I suspect you’d be great at it eventually; there are definitely other companies out there looking for entry level candidates. New York and San Francisco both have huge tech communities – with your editorial background, you might find NYC a hospitable place to get started in publishing tech.

Best wishes on the next steps in your career.

Isn’t that the nicest rejection ever? Something on my to-do list tomorrow is to email him back to thank him for the best rejection letter of my life. Sometimes you just need that little boost.

Who can join Levo League?

Anyone! I have an account, and it was one of the best career moves I could have made. You can read all kinds of great information, meet up with people in your area (once I have some free time again, I’m planning on requesting a group be formed near me!), and ask questions to people who may actually know the answers. It’s an amazing resource.

If you join, look me up! Or, better yet, comment here and I’ll invite you to join the website! I honestly love it, and I spend a good deal of time perusing.

Happy Sunday!



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