Kristen Wiig

What have I said about strong women that make me laugh?  I adore them.  I would watch Kristen Wiig in just about anything.  She was especially wonderful in Bridesmaids and Whip It, and she has some fantastic characters on Saturday Night Live.  Gilly, anyone?  Or her part on the Californians?  Priceless.  I’ve already mentioned Bridesmaids, but that’s what I want to talk about here, and why I didn’t want to sluff this post off when I was tired on Sunday.  I wanted it to be the real me.

Bridesmaids came out the summer I graduated from college.  Isn’t that fitting?  I went to see it in theaters with my mom (probably not my best move, but we were both laughing ourselves to tears, so it turned out okay).  I was slated to be a bridesmaid in two weddings that summer.  I was coping all right, although knowing my roommate (who is also my college best friend) was getting married while I was frightfully, painfully single.  I was headed to grad school.  I had the world on a platter.

Fast forward six months, and it felt like my life was in shambles.

Bridesmaids, and especially Annie Walker (played by Kristen Wiig) really hit home with me after I left grad school.  Annie was a mess, a beautiful mess, and she was trying her hardest to figure out what she wanted out of life.  She was dating a jerk (haven’t we all?) until she met the nice guy who seemed too good for her, who was trying to make her better.  We’ve all been there, right?  That’s the quarter-life crisis.  And it’s hard, but it’s life.

The nice thing about the movie is that it had a happy ending.  I wasn’t so sure, at the time, that I would.  I was bouncing back and forth between the jerks and the too-nice guys and I wasn’t sure where any of it was going.  I just wanted to hop into a car and go for a while.  Just drive.  Just see everything.  I did that for a bit.  And then I came home.  And then I met H.

Funny how that works, right?

I realize that this isn’t really about Kristen Wiig, but in my heart, Kristen Wiig was the reason that I found my way again.  Melissa McCarthy had to knock some sense into her while she stayed at her mom’s house, but she finally understood.  I, unfortunately, did not have Melissa McCarthy at my disposal, but I still figure it all out eventually.  When I see her, I see myself waking up.  I see myself figuring out that we don’t have to have it completely figured out.  Annie Walker, and the wonderful Kristen Wiig who embodied her, did that for me.

Kristen Wiig has also said some inspirational things, I guess.  Ha.wiig 1 wiig 2

If I could be more like her, I would.



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