How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 8

If you read my post from yesterday, you’ll know what this week has been like.  So I’m sorry this is getting out later than I intended.  It’s still long before the shows air tonight!

Anyway.  Let’s get moving!

Scandal, The Last Supper

  • Olivia Pope—Holy cats, this episode. I don’t even know where to begin.  First, Portia de Rossi is Olivia’s client, and PdR is fairly certain that Olivia doesn’t like her.  Which is correct.  But does that really matter?  Cyrus, though, convinces Olivia that PdR has it out for him, which is what started this whole mess—Cyrus was hacking PdR’s phone.  Anyway, long story short, PdR was trying to mess with Cyrus using his lover in the nighttime, Michael the Manwhore.  Which we as an audience already knew, but it all comes to light in this episode.  And then it turns out that PdR is having an affair… WITH THE VICE PRESIDENT!  More on him later.  Olivia is also in the middle of a man-battle between Fitz and Jake.  Neither is winning, per se.  She gets them both to conform to her ideas anyway.  They plan a meeting with her father, in order to catch him.  It all appears to be going well.  Until all of the men who were going to go in and capture him start getting shot while Fitz and Jake watch on helplessly.  And Rowan gets away again.
  • President Fitzgerald Grant—He is displeased about the situation with Jake and Olivia, but he tries to move past it. He kind of has to, anyway, because there’s this thing where the Vice President almost got blown up.  So he has to deal with that.  Then he allows Olivia to use herself as bait in order to finally get Rowan, but the sneaky bastard kills all of the President’s men and then sneaks off into the night.    I’m sure there will be repercussions of that in this week’s episode.
  • Mellie Grant—The only part of Mellie’s storyline that seems important right now is that she is loving the VP in the nighttime again. Good for her, I guess.  I wonder if she waxed.  Remember several episodes ago when she told Fitz she no longer waxed?  Is this relevant?   But it’s funny to comment on.  And it was the first thing I thought of when they started the making out, too.
  • Abby Whelan—What has Abby been up to since her ex-husband didn’t make it into Congress? I honestly don’t remember.  Is that bad?  If Abby was important this episode, someone let me know so I can fill in her plotline!
  • Quinn Perkins—Quinn is on stakeout this episode. She’s following that one guy who allowed his daughter to be killed.  Or is he the guy who killed the daughter.  Crap, hold on… Okay, he’s the guy who killed the daughter and her friend.  The dirty ex-cop.    Well, apparently, Quinn thinks he is very boring, but she keeps staking him out.  Until her stakeout overlaps with Huck’s stakeout, and then Huck kills her guy.
  • Huck—He’s hanging out with his son a lot, but kicks the son out of the office when Olivia shows up. She scolds him, but not too harshly.  I think she gets it.  He has to stakeout PdR, which is how his stakeout and Quinn’s overlap—Dirty Ex-Cop shows up at PdR’s secret apartment.  Followed by… the Vice President!  Who promptly kicks Dirty Ex-Cop out of the secret apartment so he and PdR can be lovers in the nighttime.  Which is how Dirty Ex-Cop finds Huck and Quinn’s not-so-secret van.  But the worst part is that Javi, Huck’s son, sees Huck kill Dirty Ex-Cop, even though Huck was being strangled, so it was necessary.  And Javi runs.  UH OH.
  • Cyrus Beene—He’s hacking PdR, and then he’s creeping on his nighttime lover. And then he gets Olivia to do the same.  It’s a little sad.  But it’s sweet that Michael the Manwhore cares enough about Cyrus to not sell all of his secrets.  That part is nice.
  • David Rosen—Oh boy. Why do I even have a David Rosen category?  What did he do this episode?  Oh, right—he was involved in the whole Rowan plotline, trying to assist the President and Jake in prosecuting him outside the law.
  • Jake Ballard—He’s all about being the top dog right now. He wants Fitz to know that he’s had Olivia.  I don’t understand men.  But when Rowan slips away, I think he knows he’s got shit.  And he’ll probably rot in SuperMax.
  • Rowan Pope—This bastard. I can’t even… He doesn’t even do anything the whole rest of the episode.  He just gets everyone (meaning all of the President’s best people) killed at the end and rides off into the figurative sunset.  What a douchebag.

As a friend of mine said, this episode didn’t really advance the plot at all.  It just set us up for the winter finale, which takes place TONIGHT.  But I’ll be watching over the weekend when I’m with AM on the West Coast!  Hooray for vacations (and boy, do I need one!).

How to Get Away with Murder, He Has a Wife

This episode was trippy, because there were flashbacks within the flashbacks.  But we’re to the point of being within hours of present day.  THIS WINTER FINALE IS GOING TO BE BOMB, DUDE.

  • Dean Thomas/Wes Gibbins—Now that he and Rebecca are lovers in the nighttime, he’s really not holding back on the I’ve-told-you-things-nobody-knows-so-you-have-to-trust-me guilt trips. I liked his weird innocence at the beginning, but I’m starting to think there are things that aren’t so innocent about him.  I’m not sure what to believe.  In the flashbacks, he’s basically keeping track of Rebecca, because she’s a bit of a loose cannon, and the coroner found out that Lila had been pregnant.  This causes Rebecca to want to side with Annalise’s boyfriend, which pisses Wes off.  So much drama.  And there isn’t much happening in the present, because the timeline is finally converging.  And I’m actually pretty confused about time right now, so bear with me (and correct me if I’m wrong).
  • Connor Walsh—He’s still pining, but I’m not sure if anything else major involved his character this week. Did it?  As with Abby, if I’m forgetting something, clue me in!
  • Michaela Pratt—Oh, man. So AM and I both took this online quiz to figure out which character we were in this show, and we both got Michaela.  I was annoyed, because she’s the boring one!  But after this episode, I like her more.  She goes toe to toe with her future mother-in-law about signing that dang prenup.  She about slaps the mother-in-law, who is a bit of a bitch, if I do say so myself.  I would have wanted to slap her, too.
  • Laurel Castillo—she’s constantly being lovers in the nighttime with Frank. In cars, all over the place.  And then she learns that Frank has a girlfriend!  That’s unfortunate, but I’m not terribly surprised.  Frank is kind of slimy.
  • Asher Millstone—Like Connor, not a lot happens with him this week. Aside from him inviting Michaela into his apartment, where she steals the trophy because she’s pissed at the mother-in-law.
  • Annalise Keating—She’s doing everything in her power to believe that her husband didn’t kill Lila. And as she doubts that, she lashes out at everyone in her path.  Including poor Amanda Tanner, who gets fired for telling Annalise that Sam knew Lila was pregnant.  Sam tries to kiss Amanda Tanner in order to keep her quiet, but she spills the beans anyway.  SHIT IS GOING TO GO DOWN NEXT EPISODE.
  • Rebecca Sutter—This is where the meat of the episode was this week—in Rebecca’s flashbacks within the flashbacks. She truly was friends with Lila.  She heard the story about Sam from the very beginning.  She talked Lila through losing her virginity.  She was there when Lila was crying over something big happening (finding out she was pregnant, even though Rebecca didn’t know that’s what it was).  She ends up getting a flashdrive or something and has to go to the Keating house to do something… and that’s where the episode ends.  That means that we get to see the murder next episode.  I REPEAT.  WE GET TO FINALLY SEE IF IT WAS REBECCA WHO KILLED SAM OR IF SHE WAS JUST THERE WATCHING.  I think I know the answer, but this show continues to surprise me.

I’m so excited to watch the finales with you, AM!!



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