My SoCal Vacation, Part 2

My vacation is, unfortunately, over tomorrow. I’m sad to be leaving the warm weather, that’s for sure. Although I will be happy to see H and Ole again. Anyway, AM and I had two more fun-filled and busy days here in SoCal. Like, seriously fun. Can’t even begin to describe the fun, but I’m going to try.

Monday: We started the day pretty early, hitting the road at 8:30 to head up to LA. We hit a little bit of traffic on the 405 and the 605 and probably the 5, but I don’t remember all of the highways. The day started at Griffith Observatory, where we had a gorgeous view of the Hollywood sign and the entirety of Los Angeles, all the way to the ocean. IMG_4323Thank you for that suggestion, Lauren Conrad! Then we started driving toward the water, starting on Santa Monica Boulevard, then switching to Sunset Boulevard until we found the Beverly Hills Hotel. Guess what other street borders the Beverly Hills hotel? Why, it’s Rodeo Drive! We had lunch in that area and did some intense window shopping. But we didn’t touch anything, because who can afford that? We then headed over to Culver City, where we did the Sony Pictures Studio tour! IMG_4326 IMG_4329So awesome! Then we quickly jumped back in the car to try to beat most of the LA traffic, and we were decently successful. A little Chick-Fil-A for dinner, and then I was about ready to turn in. So busy, but so awesome!

Tuesday: Today was a little more low-key. I had some exciting paperwork to scan, so we started there. Then we did a little bit of bookstore shopping at the university AM attends. Then we headed to lunch in Newport Beach. AM knew of this cute little diner—it was like stepping into the ‘50s. I loved it, and we had some delicious breakfast foods for lunch. Then we headed to Laguna Beach (where I did not see LC or anyone else I knew from the show), where we dipped our feet in the water and sat in the sun for a couple of hours. IMG_4330 IMG_4331Then it was off to the Newport Pier to watch the sunset, and then back to Irvine, where we ate dinner at some food trucks. So fun! And so much delicious mac and cheese! Now we’re about to watch a movie, so I better finish up here…

Like I said, I’m sad to be leaving, but I will be happy to see my boys again. I wish they could have been here with me!



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