How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 9

This was winter finale week on ABC, so we had two HUGE episodes to watch. I was lucky enough to get to watch them with AM while I visited him in SoCal. So this recap includes a lot of his help, because so much happened that it was hard to remember everything.

The shows don’t return until January 29th, and some big changes will be occurring in my life before then, but I’m hoping to continue recapping. It’s fun and relaxing for me. We will see, though. For now… here we go!

Scandal, Where the Sun Don’t Shine

  • Olivia Pope—Olivia is dazed after realizing that her plan resulted in the deaths of many agents/the President’s men. Fitz and Jake are yelling and yelling and she is completely out of it. But she comes to after they find her mother, who is alive (!!) in that pit where Rowan kept all of his torture victims. She tells the guys to charge her mother with murder, terrorism, and something else. And then she walks out. She goes to her office and finds Portia de Rossi there, who says that she knows that it was Cyrus Beene who hacked her phone. Uh oh. But Liv is still pretty out of it. Jake meets her at her office and gives her a gun, even though she doesn’t want one. But that turns out to be good, because Rowan is waiting for Olivia at her apartment, and he tests her. He wants to know if she would shoot him, and she falls for it. The gun isn’t loaded, but Rowan knows. This might not be good for Olivia… On a completely different plot line, PdR releases the sexy pictures of Cyrus to the press, and there is damage control to be done. Obviously, Olivia is at the helm. She tries to convince Cyrus to marry Michael the Manwhore, but he doesn’t want to disrespect James like that. Because she is such a force, Olivia eventually convinces him to do it by calling him a bitch baby. Effective, apparently. She also goes back to visit her mother at the Pentagon, and Maya says that Olivia is just like her father, which isn’t good news for Olivia. She’s super upset, so she pulls a page out of Cristina Yang’s book and tries to dance it out with Jake. She also tells him that she wants both Vermont with Fitz and the sun with him. But then… BUM BUM BUM! She’s taken from right under Jake’s nose. Red wine spills on the couch. Olivia is gone.
  • President Fitzgerald Grant—He argues with Jake for a while, and then Olivia tells him to charge her mother, so he does. Then the Cyrus stuff happens, and Fitz reluctantly accepts Cyrus’ resignation, even though he isn’t happy about it. After Olivia convinces Cyrus to stay, Fitz is happy to take his advice about West Angola. But that’s the thing… there was a plot afoot. The Vice President (who was almost bombed last week, remember) wants to go to war with West Angola. So he spends the last part of the episode threatening Fitz, and… he’s the one who organized for Liv’s kidnapping! Oh man!
  • Mellie Grant—She’s fairly absent this episode, but she is in the room when it is revealed that the VP is also being lovers in the nighttime with PdR. He’s not being faithful to her! She’s a woman scorned again! She comes back at the end of the episode with a vengeance. PdR comes in, trying to feed her the words to say again, and Mellie says the only thing they have in common is the risk for the same STDs. Whoa! That’s the Mellie I remember!
  • Abby Whelan—Abby’s main thing this episode was talking to the press. She doesn’t do a whole lot else. But! There is one point where David Rosen interviews her about Cyrus’ stuff, and she has to tell him where she was on a certain night… and it’s that night that she was lovers in the nighttime with Leo Bergen, that one guy who was Sally Langston’s campaign manager. That was sad for David, because he didn’t say her name after that. There was also a little scene where Olivia walks in to see Fitz, Cyrus, and Abby in the Oval Office, and she feels left out of the bubble. That was sad, too.
  • Quinn Perkins—Turns out that all of the former B613 operatives have kill cards out with their faces on them, and Charlie was supposed to kill Quinn. Remember Charlie? He was the one who called her Robin. Well, he lied and they were lovers in the nighttime several times, and then Quinn figured it out and they beat each other up. Then Quinn meets up with Huck and they piece together the fact that the VP is cahoots with PdR to go to war with West Angola.
  • Huck—The episode begins and ends for Huck with his son, Javi. He goes to check to see if he’s okay, and his ex yells at him. Eventually, he brings all of his B613 files to the ex’s house to show her what happened to him. And then he’s with Quinn when they are piecing together the stuff about West Angola.
  • Cyrus Beene—Cyrus has major plotlines in this episode. Sexy time pictures of him and Michael the Manwhore are released, and he refuses to marry the manwhore at first, so he resigns. But Olivia convinces him to stay, so he ends up going on TV saying that they are in love and stuff.
  • David Rosen—He has to investigate the sexy time pictures of Cyrus, which leads him to interviewing Abby, since she’s the White House Press Secretary. And then it’s all sadness.
  • Jake Ballard—Jake is on a hunt to find Rowan Pope, but it’s Rowan who finds Olivia. This is all after a kill card was found with Jake’s picture on it. She doesn’t want to talk about her dad, so he dances it out with her. Then he goes to get a pillow for sexy time on the piano, and Olivia is taken.
  • Rowan Pope—What a douche nugget. He tests his own daughter to see if she wants him dead (she does) and then he leaves her with all of his records. Which is what she’s playing while she’s dancing it out.

I cannot believe that we have to wait until the end of January for Scandal to come back! It’s not fair! Where is Olivia???

How to Get Away with Murder, Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

  • Wes Gibbins—We’re all in real time now. Wes fills Laurel and Connor in to the fact that Sam Keating killed Lila, and Rebecca is at the Keating house to try to prove it. They all show up there… and it turns out that Wes is the one who killed Sam! Sam was trying to strangle Rebecca, and Wes had to stop him. He orchestrates the whole plot to dispose of the body, and the others all manage to mess up his plan in one way or another. At the end of the episode, we learn that he is in cahoots with Annalise… more on that in a minute.
  • Connor Walsh—Connor is driving when Wes fills them all in about Sam. He’s part of the scene at the house. He makes them throw the body in a dumpster, even though Wes wants to spread it out more. And then he shows up at Oliver (the nerdy computer guy that he’s in love with)’s house, saying that he messed up so bad, yada yada. But he can’t tell Oliver what happened… so he says that he has a drug problem. Hmm. Is that true? How could he have hidden that? He was acting pretty manic… I guess we won’t know for a while. Le sigh.
  • Michaela Pratt—One thing we did not know was that Sam lunged at Michaela, and she pushed him over the railing so he fell to the wood floor. They thought he was dead, but no one checked. That’s when he started strangling Rebecca. Michaela also loses her engagement ring while they’re burning and disposing of the body, and comes home to find her wedding dress. She has a change of heart. Or maybe she just wants to protect herself and her future husband. But she signs the prenup and delivers it to Aiden’s mother at the end of the episode.
  • Laurel Castillo—I thought that Laurel was going to spill the beans to Frank, but she didn’t. She told him that she stole the statue from Asher, and that she was just concerned about Frank and her relationship. So he covers for her, and no one knows how the statue got to Frank. Laurel didn’t do any actual killing or pushing over the railing, but she was running from Sam when Michaela tossed him over the edge.
  • Asher Millstone—He becomes lovers in the nighttime with Amanda Tanner, which is an amusing scene. Then he just wants his trophy back. He knows nothing about anything else, luckily.
  • Rebecca Sutter—She went to the Keating house to get answers from Sam’s computer. And actually, she didn’t kill Sam—Wes did. But Wes was protecting her. Sam was strangling her just like he did to Lila. Then she hides out in a motel room and waits for Wes, who tells her not to try to cover for him.
  • Annalise Keating—This is the key to the whole thing, the alpha and the omega. The episode begins with Sam and Annalise fighting in their house, and he puts his hands around her neck, too. But he doesn’t strangle her. He lets her leave. She tells him to kill her, because she’s going to be in a ton of trouble for trying to protect him. So she runs, and she meets up with Nate, and they have sexy time. Then she leaves Nate’s to go back to her house. We don’t know when she does this. She eventually calls Amanda Tanner and the police, because her husband is missing. She calls all the student workers to her house. She doesn’t have her wig on or anything. She’s crying when she tells them that Sam was having an affair with Lila, and that they’re going to need to answer some questions. Wes looks her in the eye and agrees to tell the truth. And that’s when we flash back to Wes going back for the trophy. He stands over Sam’s body and says he’s sorry. And then we hear Annalise saying “I’m not” from her office. She was there! She knew! Holy crap on a cracker!


Until then,



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