My First Music-less Monday

I’ve been really good about finding new music for each Monday, but I don’t have anything today.  It’s been one of those days.  It was my first day at my new job, and it was B’s birthday, so we did a paint night.  I also learned that my great aunt died today – my dad’s only aunt, so I’ve known her as long and nearly as well as I knew my own grandparents.  But what has really set me behind, though, is H and his graduate school applications.  Not that this is a bad thing – this is a really good thing!  It’s just eating up time that I don’t necessarily have.

You see, here’s the thing about an engineer marrying a communicator – we don’t get along sometimes.  His ideas, on paper, are a jumbled mess of ellipses and sentence fragments.  So I go in and smooth everything out, and then all he can focus on is one single word that I used that he doesn’t like.  This is how yesterday was spent.  We sat at the kitchen table facing each other, going back and forth for hours, nit-picking about words and phrases and who was right and who was wrong.  It was frustrating and fulfilling, and by the end of yesterday, my brain was completely dead.  But he submitted two applications yesterday.  I call that a success!

He has another due on Wednesday, so here I am again, sitting at the kitchen table when I would rather be sleeping, going back and forth with him about main ideas versus details.  I don’t think we’re ever going to completely agree, but that’s how this all works, right?  It’s why we work.  Because our brains work differently.  Because we are each other’s missing puzzle piece.

But seriously, graduate schools, why do you think engineers should be able to write these essays?  Are they ever going to write like this while they’re in school?  No?  Exactly.

My brain is tired.

Good night everyone, and happy Monday.



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