Pretty Little Liars, “How the A Stole Christmas”

This season of Pretty Little Liars gave us something we’ve never seen before – a Christmas special!  I found this to be interesting and oh, so ABC Family, because PLL doesn’t really lend itself to Christmas.  It’s a creepy show by nature, you know?  In any case, I thought it was mostly a filler episode – we got to see the girls in fancy winter dresses and got to see their significant others shirtless (except for Paige, because ABC Family).

But!  There’s always that little “but” that gives us hope.  There were several crucial facts that we learned this episode:

1.  Alison is haunted by Mona.  Does this mean that Alison killed Mona?

2.  Mrs. DiLaurentis taught Alison how to lie.  Surprise, surprise.

3.  Mrs. DiLaurentis bought matching yellow dresses for Alison and someone else.  Bethany Young?  Twin theory?  What’s with the yellow, anyway?

4.  CeCe is back.  Oh joy.  Actually… was CeCe around for Alison’s childhood?  They were both wearing yellow on the night Ali disappeared… hmm.

5.  Spencer is out on bail.  They think she murdered Mona, which is ludicrous.

6.  Alison is sleeping with Mr. Detective Man.  AWESOME.  I thought Rosewood finally had an unbiased and relatively clean cop in town.

7.  And, most important, in my humble opinion, Jenna and Sydney are on Alison’s team now.  Or so they want Alison to believe.  They admit (to Emily) that they also think that Alison murdered Mona, and they’re just trying to protect themselves.  That’s the key, to me.  They don’t believe Alison, but they’re with her anyway, at least for now.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Last, I’m going to leave you with this.  Because the girls are seriously drop dead gorgeous.

pll christmas



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