Book Review – Panic by Lauren Oliver

If you’re looking for a young adult book that can stand on its own and isn’t about a dystopian world (and isn’t written by John Green), you should read this one.bookcover_home_panic

I actually listened to it while I was at work, doing some linking and other mindless things.  I listened to all eight and a half hours in two days – that’s how good it was.

It tells the story of Panic, this crazy competition between graduating seniors for a huge pot of money.  It’s dangerous, it’s exhilarating – the stunts they are required to complete are nuts.  The story is also told from the point of view of two different people, which is always interesting.

It’s also about love, and about finding your own self-worth.  It’s subtly about mental illness, and about small towns and moving on.  It’s fantastic.  And I want to tell everyone to read it, so here I am!

Go read it.



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