My Big Resolution for 2015

Tomorrow, I’m going to recap how my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 turned out.  So you’ll have something to look forward to there.  But for tonight, I’m going to share my most important resolution for 2015, because I want it to influence every part of my life.

I want to be an aspiring yogi.

Yoga isn’t just for exercise, although I’m looking forward to those good side effects as well.  I’m more interested in it for the calming meditation.  I need that.

In looking ahead at 2015, all I see is chaos with little stretches of potential calm mixed in.  I have one semester left of graduate school, which will be completed while continuing to learn a new full time job while balancing my part time teaching assistant gig.  I’m in an out-of-state wedding at the end of May, too (which I’m excited about!  It’s just that anything that involves travel adds stress).  Then there’s a stretch of calm where I’m hoping to have all of my wedding showers and a bachelorette party, and then H and I get married!  Then he’s going to start graduate school in a yet-undisclosed location.  But once we settle in, there will be another stretch of calm, maybe even until the end of the year.  It’s all set up to be a good year, a great year, even.  But a busy one.  And it’s the chaos that winds me up, that makes me spin and whir like a top that isn’t quite balanced on its axis.

Enter yoga and meditation.

One of the few things I asked specifically for as a Christmas gift was a yoga mat (and I actually got two, which is pretty awesome).  I want to set it up in the basement, where I won’t have to worry about Ole for a little bit, where I’m away from our mess of things for a short amount of time.  A place for me to hide away and meditate the tension out of my neck and shoulders.

That’s what I want for 2015.  I want to become a disciplined-enough amateur yogi, disciplined enough to keep myself centered throughout the coming year.

What’s your most important New Year’s Resolution for 2015?



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