New Year’s Resolutions 2014 – How did they turn out?

Back in this post, I talked about my New Year’s Resolutions for the year 2014.  So how did I do?  Did I accomplish anything?  I’ll say this – the year was a good one, although it turned out different than I anticipated.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Fill in the blank resolutions:

  • Did I stop hitting the snooze button this year?  Not entirely.  There was a stretch in the late summer where I could hardly drag myself out of bed after four or five snoozes.  But then I got better in the fall, when I got that new part-time job and my career prospects started changing.  Now that I have a job that I’m in love with, a job where I can show up when it’s convenient for me, I find it easier to get out of bed.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?
  • Did I visit southern California?  Why yes, I did!  I didn’t run a race out there, but I had a ton of fun just the same.  And I’m actually really glad it was more relaxing and I didn’t have to plan around a race.
  • Did I work harder at being positive?  I really, truly tried.  There were some times in the late winter, when I was trying out a new birth control (TMI, sorry) and my hormones were out of control and sending me off the deep end.  But for the most part, I had nothing to be sad about.  I get to marry H and I got a new job and I am feeling fulfilled for the first time in a long time.  No complaints here.
  • Did I finish You Better Run?  No, unfortunately.  But I accomplished a lot of other things, and I’m still working on it.  One of these days, I swear.
  • Did I take an editing class?  I did!  And I loved it just as much as I thought I would!
  • Did I spend more time being productive?  Yes.  Definitely yes.  Between the Master’s degree, the internships, the full-time job, the part time job, and all of my hobbies… yes.  I had to!
  • Did I eat more fresh foods?  I tried.  We made a lot of delicious things this year… I’m thinking of incorporating a cooking portion to my blog next year.  We’ll see.
  • Did I wear more dresses?  Probably not.  I still love them, though, and I wore them when the occasion called for them.

Other resolutions from Lauren Conrad’s website:

  1. Did I change the way I think about diet?  No, but I didn’t need to.  My thoughts (and dislike) of the word diet have been pretty clearly documented.
  2. Did I think a positive thought every morning?  I tried.  And it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  All I had to do was look at H, and then I would think, wow.  He chose me.  And what is better than waking up with that thought?
  3. Did I volunteer once a month?  No, but I did volunteer weekly for a couple months in the spring.  Then I got too busy, which was unfortunate.  I liked it, and want to start that up again.
  4. Did I get seven hours of sleep?  Most nights, and it definitely helped.  I could tell the difference when I didn’t get enough sleep.
  5. Did I take a daily walk?  No.  I wish.  I’ll be better next year.
  6. Did I unplug for an hour a day?  Again, no.  But again, I want to be better next year.
  7. Did I cut out soda?  Well, it’s pop, first of all.  And second, I didn’t really need to.  But I did add the occasional Sprite to my diet, when my stomach was a little upset.  And that always helps!
  8. Did I read for pleasure?  Not nearly as often as I wanted to!
  9. Did I stop wasting food?  H and I have gotten a lot better about it.
  10. Did I just do it already?  Well, I didn’t get published, which is what I was hoping for in the year 2014.  But I did get a new job in my new field.  That must count, right?  🙂

Wow!  It was a pretty great year.  Did y’all accomplish your goals this year?



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