Last Academic Standardized Test (LSAT Prep) – Ms. JD June

I can hardly believe it’s been almost a month since I completed my Master’s degree. Almost a month! Would you look at that?

But now, on to the real question… What do I do next? And I keep coming back to the same realization—it’s time to start thinking about the LSAT.

One day last week, I started looking through the depths of the interwebs to find study plans that might work for someone who is going to be working full time. I found a variety of different plans that ranged in length-of-time from six months of studying to four weeks of studying. Knowing that I have different options is allowing me to reassess my goals for law school.

Goal #1: Give myself enough time to study.

Starting in August, I’ll be working remotely from home full time. This is going to be a blessing and a curse, since our dear English Setter, Ole, is probably going to be bored out of his skull while I’m home but not able to play with him. I’m hoping he’ll adapt. In any case, I will also need to adapt my work schedule in order to make time for LSAT studying. I’m at my best right away in the morning, so I’m hoping that, several days per week, I can study for a couple of hours and then dive into work. I’m hoping.

Goal #2: Figure out where my baseline is, so that I know what I’m working with.

Here’s something—I’ve never taken a practice LSAT in actual test conditions. I’ve taken a practice test twice, both while I was at work as a lab tech. I was constantly being interrupted by students who needed things from me, so the test-taking was very fragmented. The score I got on both of those tests—my assumed baseline score—was a 153. I’m pretty sure I got the same score both times. So! While constantly interrupted, that’s what I can do. I’d like to figure out what I can do without being constantly interrupted, and for that, I’ll need to block off some time. I have plans to do that this month during a weekend H is away on a biking trip.

Goal #3: Based on my baseline, decide how long I think I’ll need to devote to studying, and therefore, when I should take the exam.

I do have one thing going for me—my target start date isn’t until Fall 2017. This is because H is starting his Master’s degree this year, and we’ve decided we probably shouldn’t both be in school at the same time. Granted, that might still change—we are getting married in two months (what the what??), and we haven’t figured out when we’re going to want to start having a family yet. So things change. I get that. But it’s my target, as of right now.

Here’s the other thing—I have a very lofty LSAT score goal. And when I say that, I am not kidding. I would like to get in the mid-170s. Why? Because my undergraduate GPA isn’t awesome (a 3.2), and I am anxious about how that will look on my applications. Yes, my Bachelor’s degree is in Chemistry from a notoriously rigorous program at a small liberal arts school. And yes, I rocked my Master’s degree (3.9 GPA), but I’m told that doesn’t count toward law school consideration. So? I have a lofty LSAT goal, and I’m already thinking about my personal statement. I have a lot of work to do, and a lot to prove to myself.

Goal #4: Register for and take the LSAT

Right now, I’m hoping to take the exam in December. That test date is six months from today. Which means, if I’m on a six month plan, I’ve got to get cracking!

How long did you study for the LSAT? What goals did you have when you were studying and preparing? I’d love to get anyone’s insight!



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