Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 4: “It’s definitely a bromance”

Ahh. Here we are. Another Bachelorette episode WITHOUT AN ENDING. What is this crap?! Don’t we deserve rose ceremonies at the end of our episodes, like a normal season?! Ugh. I’m over it. WE WANT OUR ROSE CEREMONIES, AND WE WANT THEM NOW!

But, moving on…

  • Group Date #1—Sumo

Yeah, you read that right. Sumo. It was both hilarious and disastrous. And you know who didn’t like it? Tony the Healer. Tony the Healer hated the violence of the sumo date. He would have preferred the zoo. No, he actually said that. He wished they’d gone to the zoo. Also, I made it into the Bachelor Burn Book’s Tweet roundup, because I’m funny sometimes.

2015-06-05 21.24.38

Long story short, Tony the Healer went home. FINALLY. No one wanted him there anyway.

  • One-on-one from hell with Ben Z

I’m becoming a fan of Ben Z. But this date was terrible. Just completely awful. And supposedly, Chris Harrison, of all people, planned it. Turd. There were birds and snakes and mystery gas. They had to solve a riddle only to discover the password was “roses.” Again… turd. Dumb. Hate. Stupid.

But Ben Z. got the rose and I like him, so it’s all good.

  • Group Date #2—The Most Terrifying Sex Ed Class Ever

So Kaitlyn has a twisted sense of humor. Who thinks it’s funny to watch men trip over themselves as they try to explain how to use tampins and what a wet dream is. Yikes. It was like pulling teeth. It was terrible. Other Ben was okay, but everyone else… Yikes.

I can’t even remember who got the rose on this date.

  • Last but not least—the bromance


Now. I want to say this first—this whole thing may just be clever editing. But it appears that Clint has fallen in love with JJerk. They’re making themselves the villains. And you know, villains gonna vil…

Yeah, that line was actually said.

What I think is stupid about the whole thing is that Clint wants to stick around in order to hang out with JJerk. He wants to be chosen over men who are actually into Kaitlyn in order to hang out with another guy. So ridiculous. It just rubs me the wrong way.

You should all know by now that I find nothing wrong with same-sex anything. So if that is real, I’ll support Clint and his soulmate, JJerk. But I think it’s creative editing. And that’s stupid.

What did y’all think of this episode?



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