Pretty Little Liars, “Game On, ChArles”

All right, since I’m super late getting this online, I’m going to keep this recap on the shorter side and categorize things.  So.  Let’s get going, shall we?

First, I didn’t recap the second half of last season.  I was super busy and couldn’t figure out how to balance everything—something had to go. And, sadly, it was the super fun recaps.  I love writing them.  I really do.  So I’m back.  And here’s a quick refresher.

At the end of last season, the girls were arrested for killing Bethany Young.  Or something like that.  There was so much going on that I honestly don’t remember why they were arrested.  But anyone, A kidnapped them from the back of the prison bus to take them to his dollhouse.  There, they had to recreate Melissa and Ian’s prom, which is majorly creepy.  But the girls temporarily foiled A, then tried to escape, only to find out they’re stuck outside but within an electrified fence.  Oh, and A’s name is ChArles DiLAurentis.

Yes, you read that correctly.  A has a name.

So, that’s where we were left.  Toby, Caleb, and Ezra were trying to fool/work with the police in order to find the girls.  And then we faded to black until season 6A.  Which started last week.

And here we are!

So, first things first:

  • The Liars

Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna are left outside in the elements for two-ish days.  It’s hard to tell exactly how long, but I think that was the point.  At that point, ChArles lets them back into the dollhouse and gases them.  They wake up on autopsy tables, completely stripped naked.

Now THAT is crossing a line, ChArles!  They’re all (supposedly) still minors!

Anyway, then they’re made to return to their respective bedrooms.  And they don’t see each other again for a full month.  During that month, ChArles makes them over, as he apparently wants them to look like they did when Alison went missing.  They are released from their rooms because Alison is coming to the dollhouse, but they foil ChArles again by breaking into his special room and setting his home video (and the whole place) on fire.  Logical?  No.  Effective?  Yeah, I guess.  Then they get rescued, but I’ll get to that.

  • Mona

Mona starts out with the girls, but she gets saved from the gassing.  She is the one who wakes them up when they’re on the autopsy table.  But then she disobeys a direct order from ChArles and gets thrown into a hole that is reminiscent of the B613 hole on Scandal.  What are you playing at, I. Marlene King??  That’s creepy shit!

She stays in said hole until the Liars rescue her after they light the place up.

  • Alison

Alison was released from prison, because for once, she actually didn’t do anything.  She then used herself as bait for ChArles, with the help of Toby, Ezra, and Caleb.  Or, should I say, Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred.  She does exactly what they tell her not to do and wanders into the woods alone.  She almost stumbles right into the dollhouse, except that she gets intercepted.

  • The Mystery Machine Gang

So, here’s what I figure.  Caleb is Scooby, because he actually gets things right every once and a while and loves snacks.  Ezra is Shaggy, because he’s more youthful than he looks and also likes snacks.  And Toby is Fred because he has the best hair and a sailor police uniform.

Anyway, Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred are using Daphne (Alison) as bait.  But here’s the thing.  Velma is the one who always figures everything out, and they don’t have a Velma.  So, you know, this isn’t a great plan.

However, they do follow Alison into the woods and stumble onto the dollhouse as it’s going up in flames.  Believe it or not, they rescue the girls.  There are many happy reunions, but also a ton of more questions.  Which brings me to…

  • Sara Harvey

What the actual fuck?  This girl has been mentioned one time.  ONE TIME.  And she’s been here the entire time?  How?  What?  Why?

And the bigger question is—how much time has actually passed since Alison originally went missing.

She’s still wearing that goddamn yellow tank top, too.  Ugh.

What does she mean to the story?  And how long until we actually find out?

  • ChArles Fucking DiLAurentis

Like, what?  We have very few clues (that I’ve caught, at least) as to who he is.  Emily straight up asks Alison at the end of the episode, and she just gives her her patented half-evil, half-stupid blank stare.  Great.  Super helpful.

  • Andrew Campbell

How does he fit into all of this?  He’s the prime suspect, but they must know that that’s too easy.  Everyone watching the show knows, so they better catch on quickly.

I’m starting to rewatch the episodes to see if I can figure it out, but I have a feeling the half season will end before I get to the point where I know anything.  We’ll see.  But I’m working on some theories.  I’m going to watch tonight’s episode, then I’ll try to recap sooner and then present any theories I have going.

Pretty Little Liars is back, bitches.



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