Pretty Little Liars, “Songs of Innocence”

Last episode, the Liars escaped ChArles’ dollhouse with the help of Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred. This episode showed the aftermath. And believe me, it wasn’t pretty. I’m going to cover each of the girls here, so there will be some spoilers. Be warned.

  • Spencer

It was looking into Spencer’s current state that we first saw that the girls were forced to torture each other while in the dollhouse. It’s not clear how (or maybe it was and I just missed it—I was doing some wedding planning stuff while I watched), but there was a switch for each of the girls. There were flashbacks, nightmares, the works. She didn’t want her bedroom door closed. But most of all, she couldn’t sleep. She needed pills to sleep. And her mother wouldn’t let her have them, because of her drug habit. It was kind of hard to watch.

This episode made two things very clear to me—a) Toby loves Spencer. He might not always be the best at showing it, but you can tell. He became a cop to try to protect her, and he’s still trying. His success is a different story, but it’s cute that he tries. He was even going to beat up Andrew in the woods for her, which is stupid, but cute, in a way. And b) Troian Bellisario is a fantastic actress. She’ll be headlining things one day. She’s fantastic.

I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the end of Spencer and the pill thing. She stole one (some?) from Aria. So that might become a theme this half season again.

  • Aria

Aria doesn’t want to talk about what happened. She also got a fabulous hair cut that I’m envious of. She, like Spencer, is having flashbacks to their time in the dollhouse. She takes a different approach to dealing with it, though—she marches into the police station and lies, saying that she saw Andrew Campbell’s face and that she knows it was him who was keeping them. I don’t think the fancy new detective believed her. But she lied all the same. Yikes. There’s going to be fallout from that, for sure.

Also, Ezra told her to write about it. Yeah, would that make a good chapter for your book, Ezra? Sheesh.

  • Emily

Emily is a woman after my own heart. She was having flashbacks, and her effing girlfriend wouldn’t even fly back to see that she was all right. So what did she do? She broke into her dad’s gun safe and went to a firing range. Atta girl.

Other than that, we don’t see much of Emily. She is the one who has bonded with Sara, though, so I’ll get to that in a bit.

  • Hanna

Hanna seems to be feeling it the worst. In a BuzzFeed post about the episode, they suggest that the girls may have picked on her the worst. I don’t know if I believe that, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. She’s a mess, though. Her intense flashbacks have to be PTSD, and she makes Caleb help her completely strip her room of everything, because it all reminds her of the dollhouse. He helps, because she was away for a month, and he is the best. The absolute best. I wish I was dating Caleb (sorry, H).

He says this to her, too, and it about melted my heart: “You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met.” And then he stays with her on an air mattress while her mom sits by the door, because she’s finally sleeping. Gosh. They’re breaking my heart this episode.

  • Alison

Alison has been taking Hozier a little too seriously, because she starts going to church.

Yeah. Let that sink in.

Another interesting thing here is that there’s a new cop in town (who is Toby’s partner) and he was also at church. New love interest? Another shady cop? What is in store for this guy?

And last but not least, Alison asks her dad who ChArles DiLAurentis is, and he lies. And then we see her at the end of the episode looking at a photo album with a bazillion missing pictures. Here’s your sign? You have a brother who is terrorizing you and your friends? Hello?

  • Sara Harvey

Sara Harvey is having a hard time being at home, so she runs to Emily’s house. Again—new love interest? I hope not, I just want Paige to come back. But she doesn’t seem sure A is Andrew Campbell. That girl knows what’s up. Because…

  • There’s no way Andrew Campbell is A

It’s way too easy. I’m not saying he’s not connected, or helping, or something. But he’s not A. There’s just no way.

Honestly, this episode was a little bit boring. I know it was necessary, because it set us up for the episodes to come. But I really just want to learn about ChArles. Maybe this week’s episode? Gosh, I hope so. This is supposed to be the summer of answers!

I also want to point out that Mona wasn’t in this episode at all. Lame. I hope she’s okay! She was in that hole for a month!

Until next week…



2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars, “Songs of Innocence”

  1. I agree, this episode was pretty tame and boring compared to the premiere. I’m really interested in the Sarah Harvey character- right now I’m really suspicious of her, especially since within 24-48 hours she had run away from home, even after what happened to her last time she ran away.

    Tomorrows episode looks like it’ll be good from the previews. I’m excited for it

    1. I completely agree! I hope we start learning some more things about her and the whole puzzle in the coming episodes. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode too! Thanks for the comment!

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