Finally – A Wedding Planning Update!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve written about wedding planning!  The excitement is starting to hum in every part of my body.  It’s less than two months away now!  Holy crap on a cracker!

The big pieces are starting to fall into place—I’ve been confirming vendors and plotting out the details of the ceremony.  The next big things are the DIY pieces—centerpieces, table numbers, place cards, and programs.  I’ve been stressing, I’m not going to lie.  But the nice thing about it is that H is usually extremely calm with me, and that makes me remember what all of this is about.  It’s about us being together.  It’s about us getting married.  It’s about us committing to spending our lives with each other.  And that makes me excited for the time after the wedding just as much as for the wedding itself.

So, DIY bits aside, where are we?

  • Well, the invitations went out on Friday! I’ve already heard that people have started getting them.  That means that RSVPs should (hopefully!) start rolling in!  Which will help with all the other stuff, because we’ll know what kind of crowd we’re talking about.
  • My lovely groom has his suit picked out, and we also picked out what the groomsmen are wearing. We just need measurements now!
  • Both of our rings are in. Check that off the list!
  • We’re not taking a honeymoon right away, so we don’t have to worry about that.
  • I have an appointment with the florist in a couple of weeks to finalize flower arrangements.
  • We have an appointment with the musician at the church to finalize that stuff tomorrow.
  • All of our premarital counseling has been completed!
  • Hotels are blocked, and people are booking!

That’s all I can think of right now!  It’s getting to the point where things are coming together.  It’s all going to be fine and lovely and I’m both excited and terrified that it’s so close now.  I can’t wait and yet I wish I had another month to prepare.  Where did the time go?

But soon enough, I’ll be an H too. 🙂



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