Mega Update – Again!

Well, I’m the worst.  Sorry, y’all.

As you could probably guess, I got a little busy between my last wedding update and now.  I’ll do my best to recount all that happened.

  • We got married.

Yes, you heard that – H and I are finally married!  It was a joyous occasion that I wouldn’t change for the world.  It was just one of those long-anticipated days.  I was ready.  H was surprisingly calm.  When we get our wedding pictures, I’ll try to post again about it, but this is a sample of some of the ones we’ve gotten from friends and family.

2015-08-17 07.51.512015-08-15 14.35.26
2015-08-15 14.37.16
2015-08-15 14.47.46

2015-08-15 19.09.44

  • We moved to Texas.

That’s right – we’re Texas residents now!  Hurray!  It’s been quite the change from the wonderful Midwest summers that I’m used to – hotter, to be exact – but H, Ole, and I are having a good time adjusting.  H has already been at his part time job for a couple of days, and I’ve been working remotely for almost a week, now.  And there are so many creeks for Ole to play in, so he can stay fairly cool during the hot days.  I’m excited to do more exploring in the fall.

2015-08-19 11.53.04-1 2015-08-20 19.23.28 2015-08-21 12.36.29-1 2015-08-22 09.01.02-1 2015-08-22 13.57.32 2015-08-22 14.11.18

  • I’m going to India!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – that’s the big news.  My totally awesome and completely kick-ass job is sending me to India for five weeks to document some new software that our developers are developing over there.  I leave in a short 10 days already!  I’ll be documenting that journey for friends, family, and coworkers on a separate blog, which you can find here.  (Now, a quick word on that.  I LOVE WordPress for writing.  I haven’t strayed in my loyalty to WordPress.  But Tumblr allows for microposts and reblogging of funnies, which I also enjoy.  I think that the platform that Tumblr offers is perfect for what I’m going for in my India blog.  Any lengthy text posts will still appear here as well.)

Talk about updates, right?  What do y’all think of those?

Love to you all who patiently (or not so patiently) waited for me to return to the blogosphere.



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