Austin Marathon Training, Week 1

You read that right, folks—I’m in training again!  It’s been a year since I’ve had a race goal, and I’m very happy to be back.  I’m in an 18 week training plan for the Austin Marathon, which takes place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th of next year.  And I just completed my first week of training.

Monday—25 minutes of core and arm strength

First, I want to thank the team over at #sweatpink for introducing me to Booya Fitness.  I’m in a 30 day free trial right now, but it’s the best and I’m pretty sure I’ll be continuing with my subscription.  I have access to a bunch of different kinds of workouts, all offered online through videos.  It’s fantastic.  And that’s how I completed my first Monday strength training workout.

The video I chose for both my first day of marathon training and my first Booya Fitness workout was called “Pilates, Planks, and Pushups.”  And gosh, did it live up to its name – I was super sore the next day, but in the best way.  All kinds of love to Core Pilates NYC, who recorded the video.  It was so great.

Tuesday—1.6 trail miles with Ole

We have a lovely creek and trail system in our backyard, so Ole and I went exploring.  I have some couple-year-old trail shoes that never got much wear (because I bought them for umpiring, which is funny to think about now), and they’ve been doing the trick as I test whether I like trail running.  So far, I do – I can tell that I’m stronger because I feel my whole body working on the trails in order to keep myself from falling down.  And Ole… well, he’s not a great trail runner.  All he wants to do is swim in the creek, haha.  He likes chasing the fish.  But it’s fun to try, and he seems to enjoy being out there with me.  I’ve been letting him swim in the deeper pools of the creek at the end of my trail runs, and he really appreciates that.

This one was supposed to be a 2-miler, but it got cut a little short because the trail was pretty overgrown.  I learned my lesson – the better trail is on the other side of the creek.

Wednesday—30 minute UrbanKick “Drop It Like A Squat”

Another Booya Fitness video that served me well.  There was a challenge from the #sweatpink community to complete any UrbanKick videos (which is some sweet-ass kickboxing – LOVE it!) and then post a sweaty selfie.  Complete and post, I did!  It was a GREAT workout, and my legs were sore until Saturday.

In this round of training, I’m going to be doing a lot more full-body cross-training than I ever have before.  I need my IT band to stay healthy, which means I need to get my core and hips up to strength.  And I’ve been having a lot of trouble with neck and shoulder pain, so I’m trying to work on my arms and upper back so that my posture is better.  All around, I’m just trying to live a better lifestyle.  So these cross-training days are going to be just as important as my running days this time around.


After that killer UrbanKick workout, I needed a rest day.  I limped around the apartment all day, and I had class in the evening.  Thursdays will usually be running days, but I altered my schedule because of a massive assignment at work.  And because my legs were sore.

Friday—2.7 trail miles with Ole

Ole and I hit the trails again on Friday morning, but we crossed the creek this time.  It was an out and back, and Ole got to swim twice – once when we reached our turn-around, and again when we got back near home.  He was a happy camper, which is all I can ever ask for, now that I work from home and need him to stay content during the day.

The run felt really good, even though my legs were pretty sore.  The trail was relatively flat, but there were a fair number of rocks and things to avoid and conquer.  Like I said – I’m really loving trail running so far.  I’ve heard that once you start running on trails, it’s hard to go back to the monotonous pounding of the road.  I haven’t decided yet if I agree, but I’ll be doing some of both as I train for this marathon.

Saturday—3 mile hike with H and Ole

While I was away in India, H found a 3 mile loop off-leash trail – meaning that we didn’t need to keep Ole on a leash!  And it was a great scoping hike of the trail – I have plans to make this trail part of my weekly routine.  There are some great grade changes and there are water areas for Ole to play in.  It was really nice to hike with H, too – he usually isn’t part of my training, since he despises running.  But we got to talk and be together after we both had really long weeks at work and school, which was really nice.

And the trail was awesome.

Sunday—3.2 miles with Ole

During training, Sundays are going to be long run days.  On this first Sunday, I was tasked to go 4 miles.  Ole, however, had other plans for me – he decided to do all of his business in the first mile (slowing my pace for that mile to 14:00+), and then he wouldn’t drink water the rest of the time.  I was disappointed in him – when I’ve been training for other races, he’s gone as far as 8 miles with me.  H thinks he’s just out of practice.  I hope so – he’s my training buddy, so I need him for as long as I can have him!

We chose to run in Zilker Park, which is a really big park in our new city (and, coincidentally, where Austin City Limits is held, which is where we were last weekend) with great gravel trails.  There are miles of trails, so that’s probably where we’ll end up for most of our long runs as the training goes on.  This weekend, we just stuck to the 5K.  I’m hoping he’ll be up for more next weekend.

It was a pretty successful (and pain-free, yay!) first week of training, if I do say so myself!  17 weeks to go, yeesh!



4 thoughts on “Austin Marathon Training, Week 1

    1. Thanks! I’m sure the 17 weeks will indeed fly by – time always seems to go quickly when you’re preparing for something big. I followed your blog too and like what I see! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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