Scandal: A Season 5 Catch-up

Greetings, recap readers!

Now that I’ve been back home for about two weeks and am relatively settled back into life (that’s partly false, because there are still boxes all over our apartment), I’ve been catching up on my missed TV.  The beginnings of seasons can be hit or miss—they’re trying to keep viewers entertained by resolving the cliffhanger from the previous season, but at the same time, they have to start something new.

Scandal has not disappointed.

There wasn’t really a cliffhanger on Scandal—the last we saw of the first family and Olivia, Fitz was kicking his wife out of his house for associating with Eli Pope during her successful Senate campaign, and Olivia was trying to put her father away in prison for the B613 stuff that I was so sick of.  And now, here we are—Eli/Rowan is in prison for embezzlement and Olivia is in Fitz’s bed, while Mellie is living elsewhere as she begins her new job as junior senator from Virginia.  Fitz had also fired Cyrus when he kicked Mellie out, so Elizabeth North (I finally remembered her name!  That would be Portia de Rossi, for those of you following along at home) is now Fitz’s chief-of-staff.  The over-arching plot this season seems to be the fact that Olivia and Fitz have been outed… by Elizabeth North, no less.  Abby kills it in all the episodes as the press secretary for the White House, David Rosen is still wearing his white hat, Jake Ballard is now a pseudo-gladiator, and Huck and Quinn are running OPA pretty much on their own.  They also hired a new guy, whose name I don’t remember, but he reminds me of Harrison so far, which makes my heart ache.  Mellie has hired Cyrus to run all of her shit, and he’s totally out to get Fitz for leaving him out in the cold.  All Fitz cares about is protecting Olivia from all the paparazzi and hubbub surrounding them admitting to the affair.  Jake and Charlie are off gallivanting in France because one of B613’s side projects is happening (it has to do with art theft from the Louvre, but I’m not completely following it yet.  But they’re calling it Lazarus 1).  Oh, and Mellie and the other Republicans (remember, Fitz is a Republican, which is weird to think about to me for a number of reasons) are trying to impeach Fitz.

I think it’s going to be a good season.

My thoughts, so far, are mostly filled with intrigue.  There are several things going on here:

  • Fitz and Olivia’s relationship is now public. This is causing a stir in political circles and is also causing the paparazzi to stalk Liv.  In turn, this is sparking some new plot lines:
    • The media’s portrayal of women, specifically black women. It’s something that I think Harrison would have jumped on, just like New Guy did.  I think this is going to continue to be an issue throughout the season, since Fitz, a white male president, is choosing his highly-educated and successful black mistress over his equally highly-educated and successful white wife.  And since the show is making a point to note that Olivia and Mellie are not treated equally by the press, I think the issue is going to run through the season.
    • They’re trying to impeach Fitz. For having an affair?  They say not, but that’s what sparked it.  They’re right, though, in some ways—Liv was in charge of his campaign when they started sleeping together, so I can see how it looks pretty dang bad.  Also, don’t forget—that little incident in Ohio that Cyrus’ James found in the second season?  Yeah, I’m sure that’s going to come up again.
    • Mellie now has some power, where she really didn’t before. But now she’s a senator, and she wants to run for the presidency next.  This could make things with Fitz, Olivia, and Cyrus (who is working for Mellie now) very interesting.
  • Rowan isn’t done, and neither is B613. This is evidenced by the fact that we’re seeing some of Huck’s PTSD surface, and the fact that Jake and Charlie are off in Europe now trying to track down art thieves, although there must be more to it than that.

So, like I said—I’m intrigued.  There have been 4 episodes so far, but now I’m all caught up and current.  I’m going to try to recap each episode from here on out, but if I’m extra busy on any given week, I might have to lump some together.  I’ll do my best.

But don’t you worry.  It’s handled.



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