How to Get Away with Murder: A Season 2 Catch-up

Well, I’ll be damned.  I wasn’t sure that How to Get Away with Murder would be able to sustain a second season arc, but I should have never doubted Shonda Rhimes.  She loves us and hates us at the same time.

This season of HTGAWM starts where last season left off—Rebecca was killed by someone in the house, and we don’t know who killed her.  Great, awesome.  Another death, more blood on their hands.  Life goes on, I guess?  This show is so twisted and turned around that the only way I can find to discuss where we are is to go character by character.  So that’s what I’m doing for this catch-up post.

  • Wes—Wes is mourning his “loss,” even though he doesn’t know for sure right away that Rebecca is dead. He just thinks she ran.  He’s mad at Annalise and sasses her in class, which is a joy to watch.  Wes and Annalise have a strange relationship—in one episode, they’re dancing in a club, and Annalise keeps touching his face and arms and stuff.  Does she want to be lovers in the nighttime with Wes?  She’s got lovers all over the map, so it wouldn’t shock me, but at the same time, it would be a weird turn for this show—more on her lovers later.  Anyway, as we move forward, Wes teams up with Nate (again, more on that later) to try to figure out what happened to Rebecca.  They quickly come to the conclusion that she is dead and was dumped somewhere, but they can’t prove it.  Wes is also in contact with Rebecca’s foster brother, Adrian Grenier.  (For the record, I googled that shit, and it’s not actually Adrian Grenier, but you could have fooled me.)  AG is also trying to figure out what happened to Rebecca, except he’s sure that she’s dead and positive that Annalise killed her.  It’s all very twisted up and interesting.  In the flash-forward, we see Wes running away from a mansion, and like in the previous season, we get more and more of the flash-forward in each episode.  Wes is leading the charge to leave Annalise for dead in the home of their clients with a gunshot wound in her abdomen.  As the episodes progress, we see that they (Wes, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel) get picked up by Nate in a police cruiser and listen to the report of Annalise’s condition over the radio.  Yeesh…
  • Connor—I am loving Connor’s plotline. He genuinely loves Oliver, his HIV+ boyfriend.  To prove that he loves Oliver and never means to hurt him, he lets Oliver hurt him back (by telling Connor how he got HIV in the first place) and moves in with him.  Connor has been on PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis—yeah, I googled that shit, too) so that he doesn’t get HIV from Oliver, too.  They seem extremely happy, and Oliver continues to help Connor get information on cases for Annalise.  Connor is also leading the charge to get Michaela back out there in the dating field, which is how she meets Adrian Grenier.  More on that in a bit.  Also, Connor helps the prosecution rather than Annalise’s client on a case, at which point Annalise threatens Connor with the car that he thought was stolen that has Sam’s DNA all over it.  In the flash-forward, Connor is the only one who stays behind to try to save Annalise after she’s been shot.  The other three have to go back and drag him away.  That’s all we’ve really seen of him in the flash-forward, so far.
  • Michaela—Michaela has never had an orgasm. That’s most of what I’ve gathered from her main plotline.  Enter Adrian Grenier, who takes that particular virginity, I’m assuming.  However, Michaela has a crush on their client, who looks extremely guilty of the murder of his parents and aunt, with the help of his adopted sister.  I can’t remember the siblings’ names, but they are going to be an overarching season plot.  I know this because it is at their mansion where Annalise is left for dead.  In the flash-forward, Michaela has to go out and meet someone.  She is different now than in the last season.  She’s seasoned at lying, to say the least.  I can’t remember who she was going to meet (I’m sure I’ll be reminded in the next episode).  I believe it was also Michaela who realized that Connor was missing, which forced them to double back to find him trying to help Annalise.
  • Laurel—Laurel is both suspicious of Frank and wants to date him. She seems to know that Rebecca is dead, because she hasn’t gone to the police.  She confronts Frank about it, and Frank is very Frank about it.  But she seems to genuinely be trying to get to know him, which is cute and interesting to watch.  She’s been a lot more active in Annalise’s cases this season, which is also fun to watch.  Laurel is along for the ride in the flash-forward, but she hasn’t done much of consequence yet.  I’m sure she will as we watch more.
  • Asher—We have not seen Asher in the flash-forward, so he only gets one paragraph. This is what we know about Asher:  he and Bonnie have been dating; he has trouble keeping his mouth shut, so he’s been avoiding Bonnie; something happened at a lake with a girl named Tiffany, and the DA is blackmailing him with it to help her; and Asher goes to his father to help him take care of whatever happened with Tiffany at that lake.  I’m very interested to hear more about this little plotline.
  • Annalise—Jesus. Where do I even begin?  Her ex-girlfriend comes to town to defend Nate when they try to figure out if there is a case against him for killing Sam.  Yes, you read that right—Annalise is bisexual.  Fascinating, no?  More on that later.  Annalise is put on the stand, and it’s clear that the DA thinks it was actually Annalise who killed Sam and framed Nate, which doesn’t really make sense.  Annalise continues to protect her students, though, which is noble.  She also takes on some new cases, including a woman who runs a brothel of sorts who killed someone during sex, a sociopathic teenager who stabbed her best friend 52 times in the woods, and two extremely wealthy siblings who were accused of torturing and killing their adoptive parents.  She wins one case (sex lady), loses one (sociopathic teenager, because Connor helped the defense), and the third will be our season plot arc.  Oh, and Nate’s wife tries to get Annalise to help kill her.  In the flash-forward, Annalise has been shot in the abdomen and appears to be dying.  An ambulance gets there and gets her on the way to the hospital, but we don’t know anything else yet.  This all is happening at the mansion where the siblings are living, but they are nowhere to be seen.  Oh, and that DA who is after Annalise?  She’s dead on the front steps—looks like blunt-force trauma to the head as the result of a fall.  Nate has turned on Annalise and transports her students away from the scene.  Things aren’t looking great for Annalise, but I’m sure there is much that we haven’t seen yet.
  • Nate—He is in both the present and the flash-forward, playing the same character: the spurned lover, of sorts.  He’s upset that Annalise has implicated him in her scheme, and he’s over it and her.  She does manage to get him off scot-free with the help of her ex-girlfriend/attorney friend, though.  He teams up with Wes to try to pin something on her, but nothing has come from it yet.  He takes the students from the scene of a crime, though, which is not good.  And he’s been reinstated as a cop, too, which gives him some power.  Yeesh, yeesh, yeesh.
  • Frank—Frank disposes of Rebecca’s body in a suitcase of Sam’s, which is a sick twist. He wants to be with Laurel, but surprisingly, is sick of being used just for sex.  So he makes her work for it, which is hilarious and entertaining.  He’s the same old guy, using his shady contacts to take care of things for Annalise.  His loyalty is endearing, so it seems fine.  Don’t forget that he killed Lila Stangard, so that may still come back, too.
  • Bonnie—Oh, Bonnie. Little did we know, Bonnie is a terrible person.  She killed Rebecca.  She’s sleeping with Asher.  She’s just as shady as Annalise, but we didn’t see it right away.  We can see it now.  I’m not sure what to think of her yet, but I’m standing behind my assertion from last season that Bonnie Winterbottom is an alias.

So yeah!  Intrigue up the wazoo.

So what am I thinking?  Well, first, I want to address something I love.  Thank you, Shonda Rhimes, for finally portraying a bisexual person as normal and powerful and not as a sex-crazed evil person.  (Okay, your definition of evil may change that assertion, but I don’t believe Annalise is evil.)  Not only is she a strong, successful bisexual person, but she’s also a black woman.  A black woman who owns her own law practice.  A bisexual black woman whose partners cross racial lines.  Damn, Shonda.  You know how to do it, gurl.  I just love it.  And it’s about time.  That’s all I have to say.

As for the plot, I’m not sure what to think yet.  The adopted sibling incest was strange, but they seem to have disproved that now.  I’m not sure what to think of the brother, who could very well have killed their aunt.  I don’t know yet.  I’ll have to keep updating my thoughts as the season progresses.

Another interesting show to keep up with?  Yeah, I’m okay with it.



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