My New Favorite Show: Quantico (Season 1 Recap)

What happens when a young FBI Special Agent is suspected of carrying out the greatest instance of domestic terrorism since 9/11?

The concept for an excellent show happens, that’s what.

I’m adding to my television repertoire this season.  I’ll also be recapping Quantico, because I LOVE it.  The first four episodes have me completely hooked.  If you’ve read any of my recaps before (if you’re reading this one, I’m guessing you have), you’ll know that I’m pretty terrible with names.  And since there have only been four episodes, it’s safe to say that I don’t know everyone’s names yet, so I’ll be making up some of my own (naturally).  Let’s dive in, character-style, just like with HTGAWM.

  • Alex Parrish—in the present day, she’s a young FBI agent who we watch come to at the scene of an explosion at Grand Central Station in New York City. They bring her to command headquarters, where they get her talking about her first days at Quantico as a new agent.  What they’re doing is stalling her—they’re waiting until they have enough evidence to arrest her for the bombing.  Once they get into her apartment, they find bomb making materials and another agent bleeding on her bathroom floor.  She gets arrested, but then the badass former assistant director helps her get away.  Alex is getting framed, she knows that much.  So her mission is now to figure out who is framing her.  She gets some help along the way as she convinces more and more people that she’s innocent.  I love her so much, but I’ll get to that later.  In the flashbacks (to her time at Quantico), we see that she was top of her class, and that she learned that her father was also an agent.  We learn that she killed her father in self-defense; he was a drunk and he was waving a gun around at her mother.  We learn that she’s a little reckless, and we learn that she’s the only one who seems able to outsmart the trainers.  And we learn that she is confident, that she likes sex, and that she is a good fit to be an FBI agent.  She’s badass is what she is.
  • Ryan Booth—this would be the agent that was found bleeding on Alex’s bathroom floor. After he gets out of surgery, she calls him from a burner phone, and he doesn’t believe for a second that she bombed Grand Central Station.  He lies to the other agents to give her some time, and he continues helping her as he can, even though he’s been injured.  Also, he played Alex Karev’s brother in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  So there’s also that.  In the flashbacks, Ryan is the second person we meet.  He and Alex are on the same flight, and then they become lovers in the nighttime (except in the daytime) in his car.  Except, we soon learn, he knew exactly who she was.  In fact, he’s already an agent.  He was told he was put undercover to track her at Quantico, but I guess he’s really being punished for something that happens in Chicago (I don’t think we know what happened yet, unless I missed something).  He’s supposed to get her to quit, but he doesn’t.  He keeps helping her, being her ally.  He likes her, and she starts to trust him.  I want them together already, and it’s only been four episodes!  But he’s also being lovers in the nighttime with the Fake Scar Cop (I don’t know her name), which we find out in the present day.  So that’s a complication that we don’t know too much about yet.
  • Shelby Wyatt—or, as I like to call her, Melody Bostick. (Yes, that is an obscure reference to the movie Easy A, where she’s onscreen for maybe a minute, but I recoginized her, and now she’s always Melody Bostick to me.)  We don’t see her until the fourth episode in the present day, but we know that she did, in fact, become an agent, and that she doesn’t fully believe yet that Alex didn’t do it (I’m convinced she’ll change her tune).  Her parents’ company manufactured part of the bomb, which is suspicious to Alex, and it sounds like there are pieces of her past that we don’t know yet.  She’s also a sharp-shooter, which I think is also badass and awesome.  More to come on present day Melody Bostick.  In the flashbacks, Shelby is Alex’s roommate at Quantico.  They start out as friends, then become frenemies, then go back to friends.  Shelby is not the physically strongest recruit, but she is a sniper (basically) and has the motivation to succeed—her parents were killed in 9/11.  She also has a thing for the blond analyst who watched a first-day Mormon recruit kill himself because of a secret he carried with him—I’m going to call the blond analyst Ken Doll, because I can’t remember his name.  It is so far unknown whether she and Ken Doll become lovers in the nighttime while at Quantico.
  • Simon Asher—he must be important to the plot, because he was the first role cast when the pilot got the go-ahead. Very interesting.  In the present day, we learn that he was kicked out of Quantico because of something bad that goes down (we don’t know what it was yet), but that someone went around the back way and made him an agent anyway.  But he’s been undercover.  He’s Jewish, but spent time in Palestine on the Gaza Strip (somehow) and he’s openly gay, which is interesting but shouldn’t be defining.  Alex shows up at his door, and he agrees to help her.  Initially, he’s working with the FBI to bring her in, but then he betrays them and keeps helping Alex, saying that he believes that she didn’t do it.  Simon has helped Alex with many of her breakthroughs, although she doesn’t have any idea who framed her yet.  In the flashbacks, Simon is Ryan’s roommate at Quantico.  He’s not super strong, but he is determined.  It also seems that he has a lot of secrets in his past—there’s an analyst (not Ken Doll—we’ll call this guy Analyst Snoopy) who has been trying to figure him out.  At one point he mentions that he’s a former sniper (is that true?), and we know his glasses are fake.  I’m intrigued.

There are many other characters, but those four seem to be the main ones right now.  There’s also Dad’s Partner, the guy who is running the special agent train who was Alex’s dad’s former partner.  He is leading the manhunt for Alex in the present day.  And there is BA Assistant Director, the fierce black woman who helps Alex escape in the present day and who is the Assistant Director of some branch of the FBI in the flashbacks.  Her son is also in prison for plotting with a terrorist cell.  And there are The Twins, who are masquerading as a single trainee, for a reason we don’t know about yet.  Oh, and Fake Scar Cop, whom I hate, but know very little about so far.  I guess she has a kid at home that her ex won’t let her talk to, though.  Plus Ken Doll, plus Analyst Snoopy.  Lots of characters.

I have several thoughts on this show, most of them positive and intriguing.  I love that Alex is played by Priyanka Chopra, who is a former Miss World and who is a huge Bollywood star.  Having just spent time in India, I was very interested to watch just to see her.  She’s fabulous and I can’t wait to see more episodes.  I also love that she’s strong, both in her body and in her will as a person.  My favorite line is from the pilot:  Ryan is introducing himself to her in the hallway, and she refuses to shake his hand and says “we had sex in your car 6 hours ago.”  He’s befuddlement is adorable.  “I… didn’t think you’d want people to know that.”  “Why not?” she says.  LOVE IT.  Own it, girl.  But I also love that there is a ton of intrigue all over the place.  Lots of things are set up to appear differently than what they really are, which is what makes me keep watching HTGAWM.  And, I think it’s needless to say that I have a fascination with the FBI.  Who doesn’t, at least a little bit?  But since I come from the background of wanting to be a forensic scientist, it probably makes even more sense that I am so intrigued by the FBI.

I really hope this keeps up and keeps my interest.  I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen next.

Have you been watching Quantico?  What do you think?



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