Scandal Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: “You Got Served”

Welcome back to weekly Scandal recaps, readers!  I’m not sure if you picked up on this, but I decided to separate Scandal from How to Get Away with Murder this season.  They’re very different shows, and I wanted to be able to dive into some more things separately.  Also, my How to Get Away with Scandal posts were often long and daunting to write.  This is much easier for me, and hopefully for you as a reader, as well!

Let’s not waste any time.

  • There is a congressional committee investigating Fitz and his affair with Olivia

Yes.  It’s what we’ve been fearing.  There is a committee looking into the love affair between Fitz and Olivia.  Oh lord, the things that could be uncovered.  Defiance, for one.  The war in West Angola and Olivia’s kidnapping, for two.  And that’s just the beginning, I’m afraid.  They address the West Angola situation toward the end of this episode, which I’ll get to later.  But it’s Defiance that I have more concerns about.  Are they going to be able to cover that up?  I know B613 was involved in that cover up, and James (Cyrus’s first husband) was killed for what he knew.  (Am I remembering that correctly?  I think I am.)  Yikes.  I’m interested to see what is found out, but also slightly terrified.

  • Cyrus is sitting on the couch eating brownies all day

I love this Cyrus.  We also get our first glimpse of Cyrus’s second husband this season—remember the former male prostitute that he had to marry because he was being blackmailed?  Yeah, he’s back.  And they’re still married.  Wouldn’t you know it.  But yeah, he is just sitting on the couch all day watching the news play out the congressional investigation into Fitz and Olivia.  And gorging on brownies.  Like I said, I love this Cyrus.

  • Mellie gets kicked off the committee

Mellie, if you remember, was initially on the congressional committee that is investigating her husband.  But, not far into the episode, they kick her off the committee.  I get it—she’s a little too close to the situation, and going through a divorce with him at the same time.  She looked vindictive while she was on the committee.  So they kicked her off.  And she and Cyrus get drunk together and eat brownies and watch Olivia get interviewed on TV.  Speaking of…

  • Olivia has to be interviewed in order to look like a real person, someone the public can relate to

Olivia is not good at such things.  She is a strong black woman, and that makes her look closed off and cold to people.  She and OPA hire what’s-his-nuts (Abby’s new boyfriend who has run some campaigns) to take charge of Olivia’s public image.  He definitely helps, but then she has to go and do this interview because Fitz gave her a ring that was a family heirloom and she didn’t tell him.  The interview is brilliant.  She does look like a real person, a normal person, someone who fell in love with someone she can’t have.  She is successful at becoming relatable.  She says she wishes she’d never met Fitz, because she could have saved her loved ones a lot of pain.  It’s heartbreaking, which makes it perfect.

  • Marcus (that’s New Guy’s name) is approached by two members of the congressional committee implying that he should turn spy for them rather than stay loyal to OPA

Welcome back to Washington, home of the super shady people and dealings.  These two bozos must know that they’re not going to find anything on Olivia combing through piles and piles of documents, so they think they can blackmail the new guy to get dirt for them.  Idiots.  He’s not going to turn on Olivia.  It’s too early in his plotline to do that.  Nah, he’s going to risk himself to help them.  And bam!  He hits the jackpot on the first go.  Because he finds out…

  • The committee has the tape depicting Olivia’s kidnapping, and it could be their undoing

Yeah.  They have the tape.  So the big thing now is to make sure they lie and say that Fitz never watched it.  Because starting a war over a mistress?  That would be what is known as an impeachable offense.  Only one person knows and could verify whether or not Fitz watched that tape.  Cyrus.  So Fitz calls Cyrus up and they have a really heartbreaking chat about how Cyrus has given everything to Fitz and Fitz knows nothing about him.  Well, that’s not true—so they basically hug it out and then…

  • Cyrus is back and Elizabeth North is out

In order to keep his side of the bargain, Cyrus wants his job as Chief of Staff back.  So Elizabeth North is fired (we don’t see that this episode, but it’s implied at the end), and Cyrus is back.  Gosh, I missed him.  I like him so much better when he’s on Team Fitz rather than Team Mellie.  I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of Elizabeth North, and we definitely haven’t seen the end of Mellie.  But the West Angola thing seems to be taken care of, at least temporarily.  We’ll see…


All of that is pretty much related, but we also get definitive proof (from Jake’s mouth) that he and the French lady that we met a couple episodes ago were married at one time.  Interesting.  She seems to have healed from her gunshot wound just fine, though.  Jake and French Lady seem to have kissed and made up, and Jake is now Olivia’s friend.  I like that he’s still in the show.  I would have hated him to have been written out, just because the love interest is no longer a plot point.  But yeah.  He’s MARRIED.  He even makes a joke about Olivia having a type, which gets a laugh from her.  We didn’t hear anything new about the art theft thing this episode, but I’m sure that will be back at some point too, until it’s solved.

A lot happened, but at the same time, nothing really happened in this episode.  It’s funny how that happens when you’re watching TV.  What did y’all think of this episode?  Was it a filler, or does it lead us to something big that’s coming?



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