Austin Marathon Training, Week 3

Week three of marathon training was a busy one for me at work.  Therefore, my training (and blogging!) was a bit lighter this week, but I still tried to get it all in as best I could.  I already have plans to be better in week four—don’t worry!  I’m not slacking off!  I’m not going to get hurt again!  I can’t afford that.  Anyway, here’s week three—and I’m even still on track for long runs!

Monday—hip strengthening

I was pooped on Monday after Sunday’s long run (which wasn’t even that long, I know, but building mileage is always accompanied by exhaustion for me), so I just did some of the hip strengthening exercises that I learned in physical therapy a year or two ago.  It wasn’t much, but I could definitely feel the effects, so I didn’t feel quite so lazy.

Tuesday—3.2 mile run

Ole and I went back to Zilker Park to do the 3-ish mile loop that we’ve done in the past.  It was the middle of the day and may have been a bit on the warm side for him, but he was a good sport about it.  He likes trotting with me for a while, but he gets bored.  Do you want to know what he does NOT like, though?  Public bathrooms.  Yes, I forced my dog to come into the public bathroom with me in the middle of our run.  He kept trying to escape under the door and nearly strangled himself.  Silly puppy.

Wednesday—long walk with H and Ole, hips and core

H had a difficult midterm on this day, so he came home earlier than normal.  We “celebrated” by taking Ole for a long walk to a pool that he could swim forever in, and then we came back and I did some planks and other core work and the same hip strengthening stuff I did on Monday.  It’s not the cardio cross training that I had in mind, but it’s better than nothing.

Thursday—2.91 mile trail run

This one was a slow adventure.  I’m not sure if y’all have been watching the news, but our neck of the woods has been nearly underwater recently.  We’ve had a lot of rain, and the soil here just doesn’t absorb it well.  So I should have been expecting the soggy, muddy trail run that Ole and I experienced, but I wasn’t prepared.  The creek was so high that all the water crossings were underwater, so my socks were soaked within a mile.  But we carried on.  Ole had a blast, but I was ready to be done by the end.  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s soggy socks.  They’re just unpleasant, even when they are SmartWools.


I shouldn’t have, but I took Friday off.  It was a long week.

Saturday—active rest day—unpacking and assembling furniture

H has more midterms during week four, so he was on campus for most of the day working on homework and studying.  Ole and I decided that we needed to get some unpacking done.  I was able to empty five boxes (five!) and moved another three to the garage.  That means we have a lot more room in our living room, finally!  I then assembled a storage thingy for our bathroom all by myself.  I was pretty proud.  Who needs gender norms, amirite?

Sunday—7.1 mile trail-ish run

Aha—the long run.  I’ve always told myself that this is the most important part of every training plan, but this new training schedule has started helping me realize that the maintenance during the weeks are just as important.  We were pretty slow on Sunday—the route was rockier and soggier than I thought it would be.  I wore my road running shoes, so I definitely wasn’t prepared for the actual trail.  I’ve been disappointed in my trail shoes, so I’m thinking about venturing out to a running store and trying to find lighter ones.  I can’t fathom wearing clunky trail shoes that don’t fit my feet properly for 13.1 miles (more on that in a minute!).  Anyway, Ole and I were slow, but we did the whole thing at a run.  It was so nice to be outside that it almost made up for the aching in my hips and abs that I felt the whole rest of the day.  Ole and I do all right.

2015-11-02 20.25.22

Also, the awesome thing about the Guys We F****d podcast is that the episodes are long enough to last an entire long run!  Which was nice.

So, the half marathon that I was alluding to—yes, I signed up for a mid-training-plan trail half marathon that is a short 6 weeks away!  So, like I said, I need to get rid of the clunky trail shoes, even if that means spending a little more than usual on myself this time of year.  We bought most of our family Christmas gifts while I was in India this year, so we’ll be okay.  And I’d rather spend a little extra than get hurt!

Onward to week four!



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