Kevin Spacey

I’ve always liked Kevin Spacey. He has the kind of gumption that only comes from experience, and he’s been around for a long time. But I didn’t realize I loved what he stood for so much until I started watching Levo League’s office hours with him (which was filmed on the set of House of … More Kevin Spacey

Anna Kendrick

I’ve been pretty clear that I like funny girls. And Anna Kendrick is one of the funniest. She’s awkward and perfect, and her Twitter is the absolute best. I’m exhausted from the week as a whole, so I’m going to let my girl from Pitch Perfect do the talking. You should read this. And this.

Kristen Wiig

What have I said about strong women that make me laugh?  I adore them.  I would watch Kristen Wiig in just about anything.  She was especially wonderful in Bridesmaids and Whip It, and she has some fantastic characters on Saturday Night Live.  Gilly, anyone?  Or her part on the Californians?  Priceless.  I’ve already mentioned Bridesmaids, … More Kristen Wiig

Levo League

I decided to switch it up a little bit tonight. My schedule has me writing about Kristen Wiig today, but I am postponing her entry until later in the week. I want to talk about this fabulous website that I found last week called Levo League.

Tina Fey

Like I mentioned two weeks ago, I have a thing for funny women. They get me. And, like I also said, I distinctly remember watching Saturday Night Live late into the night in high school, just to catch the Weekend Update with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Then there was Mean Girls. Mean Girls will … More Tina Fey

Amy Poehler

There is something about a woman with a sense of humor. Which you will see in the next several installments of people who inspire me. Amy Poehler is the most wonderful sort of woman. She can make fun of herself, but she can also stand up for herself. She is a mother, yet she has … More Amy Poehler

Ellen DeGeneres

As promised, here is my inspirational person post from last week. Why is Ellen inspiring to me? Oh, there are so many reasons. First, she uses humor to make people feel better, even to heal them. She has showcased so many people on her show who weren’t famous, weren’t anyone other than a normal person … More Ellen DeGeneres

Zooey Deschanel

I’ve been straying from my blog schedule, as of late. But I’m back today. It’s been a long and exciting weekend (check back on Tuesday for more details on that!), so this is going to be fairly brief.