Weekend Plans #52

It’s the last weekend of the year! Friday: wedding planning and what not. Then the rehearsal and dinner. Saturday: wedding! Sunday: brunch in the morning for the wedding peeps. Then H and I have to head back, since I work on Monday. It’s all so exciting! -A. Advertisements

Weekend Plans #51

The penultimate weekend of the year!  Can you believe that?  How crazy has this year been? Friday:  Like I said yesterday, it was a sad day.  But I spent the day with family, which was wonderful. Saturday:  Today was a wonderfully lazy day.  I almost finished my Christmas shopping, which is great.  I wrapped some … More Weekend Plans #51

Weekend Plans #50

Oh, weekends.  How you fly by. Friday – longest. day. ever.  Okay, not really.  But it was a long day.  I started out at church, where I put the deposit down for our wedding.  Then I went to my TA job, where I was until dinner time.  Then H and I met up with my … More Weekend Plans #50

Weekend Plans #48

Gosh, this long weekend has been pretty amazing.  Between returning from SoCal and Thanksgiving, we’ve been running around like crazy.  But here’s a rundown of the weekend: Friday:  After spending Thanksgiving day with H’s family and waking up there on Friday morning, H, Ole, and I traveled to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, part two. … More Weekend Plans #48

Weekend Plans #47

Today is the day! Travel day, hooray! Here’s the quick run-down of my weekend: Friday: Work. Important Meeting. More work. A quick send off to H, who is going hunting with Ole and his family. Then Mockingjay Part 1 with K! Sneak peak of my recap—it was AWESOME. I had heard some questionable reviews of … More Weekend Plans #47

Weekend Plans #46

Oy!  This weekend has been a lot busier than I thought it would be! Friday:  Bridesmaid dress shopping with Seester and K.  We were successful, as I said yesterday! Saturday:  Massage in the morning (how wonderful, right?), then LOTS of shopping with H during the rest of the day.  And we are spending the evening … More Weekend Plans #46

Weekend Plans #45

Friday – H and I ordered pizza as a treat and watched several episodes of Criminal Minds.  It was a wonderfully relaxing.  I wish we could spend every weeknight doing that. Saturday – Spent lunch and the early afternoon with B, then we took Ole to K’s house for a puppy date!  K and her … More Weekend Plans #45

Weekend Plans #44

Another weekend.  Lord.  How is the year flying by so quickly? Friday:  Work.  Then other work.  Then home.  Relaxed, watched some Criminal Minds with H.  Did not hand out candy, because I wanted to eat it all.  Mwahahaha!  Just kidding. Saturday:  I was able to stay in bed until after noon!  Sort of… I got … More Weekend Plans #44

Weekend Plans #43

Busy, busy. Friday – Black Keys concert with H!  So much fun, but a late night. Saturday – Monster Dash Half Marathon!  And we finally got Ole back from his vacation. Sunday – we get welcomed into our new church. So much excitement!  I’m already exhausted. Good night! -A.

Weekend Plans #42

Only ten weekends left this year?!  What??!!  When did that happen? This weekend has already been busy, as you can probably see, since I’m posting so late.  But it’s been great fun, and very productive. Friday:  I made dinner (homemade mac and cheese with vegetables in it with hot dogs) while H studied for his … More Weekend Plans #42