Weekend Plans #52

It’s the last weekend of the year! Friday: wedding planning and what not. Then the rehearsal and dinner. Saturday: wedding! Sunday: brunch in the morning for the wedding peeps. Then H and I have to head back, since I work on Monday. It’s all so exciting! -A.

Weekend Plans #51

The penultimate weekend of the year!  Can you believe that?  How crazy has this year been? Friday:  Like I said yesterday, it was a sad day.  But I spent the day with family, which was wonderful. Saturday:  Today was a wonderfully lazy day.  I almost finished my Christmas shopping, which is great.  I wrapped some … More Weekend Plans #51

Weekend Plans #50

Oh, weekends.  How you fly by. Friday – longest. day. ever.  Okay, not really.  But it was a long day.  I started out at church, where I put the deposit down for our wedding.  Then I went to my TA job, where I was until dinner time.  Then H and I met up with my … More Weekend Plans #50

Weekend Plans #48

Gosh, this long weekend has been pretty amazing.  Between returning from SoCal and Thanksgiving, we’ve been running around like crazy.  But here’s a rundown of the weekend: Friday:  After spending Thanksgiving day with H’s family and waking up there on Friday morning, H, Ole, and I traveled to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, part two. … More Weekend Plans #48

Weekend Plans #47

Today is the day! Travel day, hooray! Here’s the quick run-down of my weekend: Friday: Work. Important Meeting. More work. A quick send off to H, who is going hunting with Ole and his family. Then Mockingjay Part 1 with K! Sneak peak of my recap—it was AWESOME. I had heard some questionable reviews of … More Weekend Plans #47

Friday Fun-day!

Today is a good day!  Want to know why? First, it’s Friday!  Fridays are always fun, just because you have two days without work following!  I’m all about some time without work.  H and I often travel on the weekends, visiting one of our families, but we are actually spending this weekend apart.  H goes … More Friday Fun-day!

Weekend Plans #46

Oy!  This weekend has been a lot busier than I thought it would be! Friday:  Bridesmaid dress shopping with Seester and K.  We were successful, as I said yesterday! Saturday:  Massage in the morning (how wonderful, right?), then LOTS of shopping with H during the rest of the day.  And we are spending the evening … More Weekend Plans #46