When Social Media Gets to Be Too Much

I have been having a battle with myself for the last several months.  It started not long after I began selling jewelry for Chloe + Isabel, which also wasn’t long after I started this blog.  I realized that I think I might be growing into my own a little bit.  And with that comes something new…

I want to delete my Facebook account.

Why?  Well, the reasons have been multiplying since I met H, who isn’t on any sort of social media.  But it’s been coming to a head this year in particular.

Engagements.  Marriages.  I’ve been seeing those on Facebook for years.  It gets old, yes, but that isn’t want has been bothering me.  It’s the pregnancies and the babies.  I don’t want to see a million pictures of your baby, people!  Or your ultrasound!  Or your growing stomach!  One is fine.  Two, maybe.  But ugh, everyday!  Please, no.

None of that is even the reason I want to get rid of it all together, though.  It’s the invasion of privacy that I thought I never minded until, all of a sudden, I did mind.  It’s people knowing my business.  I used to be big on posting pictures to Facebook, but now, when I to post them, they’re super delayed and without captions.  Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

If people want to know who I am, then they should actually try to get to know me.  Don’t you think?  If you don’t have my phone number, then you probably don’t need to know whose wedding I was at last weekend.  If you don’t know where I live, then maybe we should keep it that way.

It’s the little things.  The backhandedness.  The passive-aggressiveness.  The misunderstanding of humor.

I’ve written about this before.  I know I have.  Social media is killing people’s relationships with each other.

Now, here is the catch.

I can’t delete my Facebook account until I finish one of my internships, where it is part of my job to post to Facebook on their behalf.  I can make it until October.  I think.  I hope?

But, for those of you who read this blog, I’m probably going to become pretty sparse.  I would rather text someone than send a Facebook message.  I would rather email than write on someone’s timeline.  I would rather meet for a smoothie and make snarky remarks while people-watching than know that someone deleted a comment I made on one of their pictures because it wasn’t what they wanted on the picture.

I’m tired of all of the drama.  I want to cleanse my life of it.  Soon enough, I will.  You can count on that.



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